Remedium NHS Information Drive

Bridging the Gap: Remedium’s NHS Information Drive in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Remedium frequently organises comprehensive information drives across Indian states, hosting NHS informational seminars and engaging aspiring IMGs. Last month, we had the privilege of conducting a successful NHS information drive, aimed at meeting ambitious clinicians and nurses across India. Here are the key highlights:

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LGBT+ Doctors

LGBT+ Doctors in the NHS

February is LGBT+ History month and we have written a blog to outline some of the key reasons why LGBT+ doctors may feel safe working in the NHS.

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World Cancer Day

Celebrating World Cancer Day, Radiologists and Oncologists

The NHS has been at the forefront of cancer research and treatment. World Cancer Day is on February 4th and celebrates the development of new cures.

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NHS International Recruitment

NHS International Recruitment Project

Guest blog by Ian Wilson, talking about the success of The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust international recruitment project.

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Doctor Grades in the NHS – A Simple Guide

Find out more about doctor grades in the NHS, all the way from FY1 to consultant level in our handy guide!

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Understanding NHS banding and doctors pay scales (Updated for 2024)

NHS banding and pay scale questions are common for doctors joining the National Health Service. Here’s all you need to know about NHS doctors pay scales.

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onboarding executive

The Role of Remedium’s Onboarding Executives

At Remedium, our international doctors are assigned their own personal Remedium Onboarding Executive (OBE). Read our blog to find out more.

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Webinar Recording: How to get a Job in the UK as an International Medicine Doctor

Are you an international medicine doctor looking to relocate to the UK? Find out how in our latest webinar!

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Recruitment Industry Leader: Remedium appoints Divisional Manager

We’re really excited to welcome Sebastian Evans to Remedium. Seb has a wealth of experience within the healthcare recruitment sector.

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Father’s Day: The balancing act of being a dad and CEO

We interviewed our CEO, David Green to find out more about how he balances being a father to his daughter and being the CEO of Remedium.

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Father's Day NHS doctor

Father’s Day: What it means to an NHS doctor – Part 2

Celebrating Father’s Day. In this blog, we interviewed Dr. Nalika, who is both a father and a middle-grade ICU doctor in the NHS.

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NHS doctor on Father's Day

Father’s Day: What it means to an NHS doctor – Part 1

In this blog, we interviewed Dr. Bela, who is both a father to two children and an A&E Spec doctor in the NHS.

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Occupational health appointment

NHS Occupational Health Appointments for Doctors

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what your NHS occupational health appointment will entail.

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Relocating to Manchester to work as an NHS Doctor

Manchester has been ranked one of the most liveable cities in the UK according to The Global Liveability Survey. So, what makes Manchester such a great place to live and work? In this article, we will outline the benefits of working and living in Manchester as an NHS doctor.

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Remedium Bespoke: Representing NHS Substantive Consultants

In this article, we interview our Remedium Bespoke executive search team at Remedium. Spencer Bernstein and Jack Sullivan share insights into Remedium’s bespoke service for NHS substantive consultants.

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mental health

NHS Doctors: Managing your mental health when relocating to the UK

We’ve supported thousands of doctors through the relocation process, so we’re experts in supporting you to overcome some of the practical and emotional challenges that can arise. In this blog, we outline ways to help maintain your mental wellbeing when relocating to the UK as an international doctor.

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Relocating with pets

Aspiring NHS Doctors: Relocating to the UK with Pets

Are you worried about the prospect of relocating to the UK with your pet? We have put together some key points you need to consider when moving your pet from one country to another.

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Accident and Emergency Recruitment team

NHS Emergency Medicine Recruitment: Meet Our Team

In this blog we interview the Accident and Emergency recruitment team at Remedium who specialise in placing Emergency Medicine doctors of all levels into the NHS.

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