Bridging the Gap: Remedium’s NHS Information Drive in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Remedium NHS Information Drive

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of travelling across the south of India to deliver our NHS information seminar. Over my 7-year career at Remedium, I have had the honour of working closely with many Indian medical graduates and have witnessed their remarkable journeys to the UK – however, many clinicians in India are unsure of what careers in the NHS can offer and what the relocation process entails.

At Remedium, our core belief lies in empowering exceptionally talented IMGs by actively addressing this knowledge gap. To accomplish this, we regularly organise NHS information drives across India. In this blog, I would like to share some insights from our latest information drive.

From Calicut to Madurai: Informative Seminars and Engaging Meet-and-Greets

Our roadshow commenced in Calicut with an NHS informational seminar at Baby Memorial Hospital, supported by our dedicated Clinical Ambassadors, Dr. Fabith M, and Dr. Reshma. The seminar included information on pathways into the NHS, pay scales and doctor grades, as well as career and training opportunities. We had the opportunity to talk to several clinicians as we made our way to Kannur, Trivandrum and Madurai. These trips are incredibly valuable both for the Remedium team and clinicians – we are able to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and barriers clinicians face while relocating to the UK to work in the NHS, and clinicians can find out about career opportunities and life in the NHS in a confidential and supportive environment.

We were privileged to co-host our seminar in Madurai with Dr. Sabari, a distinguished consultant psychiatrist at Avon and Wiltshire NHS Trust in Southwest England. Dr. Sabari provided invaluable insights into his remarkable journey within the NHS. He reflected upon his new life within the NHS and the journey that brought him there. This is one of the many successful relocation stories that we are proud to have enabled. Dr. Sabari’s contributions to this seminar were extremely well-received by those who attended, and we welcome his insights into life within the NHS.

Over 95 clinicians were able to attend the sessions and benefit from the insight of both the Remedium team and our hospital partners. If you weren’t able to attend the seminar but would like to learn more about relocating to the NHS, read our top tip round-up here – and get in touch with us here.

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