Remedium Bespoke: Representing NHS Substantive Consultants

In this article, we interview our Remedium Bespoke executive search team at Remedium. Spencer Bernstein and Jack Sullivan share insights into Remedium’s bespoke service for NHS substantive consultants.

Which NHS specialty do you recruit for?

Jack: In the Executive Search team at Remedium we focus on all of the key NHS specialties. This includes Radiology, Medicine, Psychiatry, Pathology, Accident and Emergency, Theatres, and Women’s and Children. However, the difference with our Remedium Bespoke service is that we only hire substantive consultants and clinicians at the top of their field.

What qualifications do you need for the substantive roles you’re recruiting for?

Jack: You will need to be a fellow of your respective Royal College to be recognised as a substantive consultant.

Why would a substantive consultant want to be represented by Remedium?

Spencer: A substantive consultant would want to be represented by Remedium for various reasons. Having done this for over 25 years, I have found that historically, consultants aren’t necessarily forthcoming in applying for positions themselves. They prefer an intermediary to act on their behalf. This will be in order to discuss job protocols, job duties, and what they are actually going to get from the position.

These consultants are moving because they may not be getting something they want from their current position. This could be because of pay, job responsibilities, or personal situations. Rather than going back and forth themselves, they would rather keep it private and confidential by using Remedium.

What is Remedium’s bespoke service?  

Spencer: Our executive search piece is really focused on helping NHS trusts with their Substantive Consultant vacancies, Clinical Leads, Clinical Directors, and Medical Directors. The NHS have these vacancies open for such a long time and they will be left unfilled for 6-12 months and sometimes even longer.

We recognise the gap in the market. Rather than leaving these positions unfilled for so long, the only other way to attract talent is to go to market. Therefore, we use our executive search function and headhunt these doctors that are potentially looking to move. This is a bespoke tailored service, not only for the NHS but also for the doctor as well. A lot of the time with executive search, job descriptions need to be tailor-made and bespoke to that individual that needs to be signed off by the Royal College. This is why the bespoke executive search piece is so prominent in the market right now.

Tell us an amazing story about one of the doctors in the UK you placed whilst working at Remedium

Spencer: I have to keep this anonymous but one of my personal favourites was a Clinical Lead in acute medicine. I reached out to him and he was working in a completely different part of the country to where I ended up placing him. A move was considered but not 100%. However, I delved deeper and really understood his personal circumstances. It turned out that the trust who I had been dealing with was in a location where all of his family were. This included his godparents to his daughter. He knew the area and the NHS trust. It was such an amazing synergy and now he has such a good quality of life and work. It’s one thing securing a position for yourself, but your family must be happy at the same time.

Are you looking for a new role in the NHS?

If you’re looking for a new substantive consultant role, please do get in touch. We will always keep our conversations absolutely confidential, and we can assist you in finding the perfect role in the NHS.

If you’re a client and you’d like to hear more about our bespoke executive search, please get in touch here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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