Father’s Day: What it means to an NHS doctor – Part 1

NHS doctor on Father's Day

What does it mean to be a father, and a doctor? On Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day in the UK. Father’s Day is about honouring all of the special male role models in your life.

Working a full-time job as well as being a father can be challenging but it can also be the most rewarding job in the world. For doctors around the world, looking after your patients and your family means you have two incredibly important jobs.

We interviewed Dr Bela, who we recently placed in the NHS as an A&E Spec doctor to find out what it’s like working as a doctor as well as being a father.

1. What is it like being a father and a doctor within the NHS?

It can be quite challenging being a father of two kids and working as a doctor, in terms of time management. However, it feels so good when I get home and see my kids every day. As soon as I see them it lifts all the work stress from my day.

2. Are you able to find a balance?

Yes, I’m able to find a balance. Mostly after work, I try to spend maximum time with my kids. Sometimes it’s hard because I still need to study and complete my medical training.

3. Do you think your children will take after you and also become doctors in the future?

It’s entirely up to my kids what profession they choose. However, if they choose to study medicine, I would be very glad to guide, help and teach them. Otherwise, I just want my children to grow to be good human beings.

4. What advice do you have for doctors who would like to become fathers?

My advice to any doctors who are looking to start a family would be to strike a good balance between work and family. Always spend time and go out with family when you have free time.

5. Were Remedium able to help you to find childcare in the UK?

Remedium offered advice for every part of the relocation to the UK. However, with my children, I’m very fortunate that my wife who has been a teacher in the past is not working anymore so can take good care of the kids for us.

6. What have you got planned for this Father’s Day?

Luckily, I have the day off on the 19th of June. I think I will go out with the kids in the city and do fun things including grocery shopping, come back home, eat delicious food, and drink and watch movies.

We hope Dr Bela has a wonderful day with his family celebrating this special day! We also want to wish all the fathers who double up as doctors a very Happy Father’s Day.

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