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Accident and Emergency Recruitment team

In this article, we interview the Accident and Emergency (A&E) recruitment team at Remedium. The team are specialists in recruiting Emergency Medicine doctors of all levels into NHS Trusts around the UK. We work exclusively with doctors of the highest calibre, who will have acquired MRCEM, FRCEM, PLAB (or GMC equivalent) and OET/IELTS.

What makes you passionate about working with the NHS?

Sam: Working with the NHS is extremely fulfilling. We get to help our healers who are making a huge difference to our National Health Service. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you’re providing opportunities, training, and jobs for international doctors. We support doctors to develop new clinical skills in the NHS, which they often take back to their hometowns. This is invaluable.

Which NHS departments do you specialise in recruiting for?

Tom: Our team specialises in recruiting for Accident and Emergency/Emergency Medicine roles. We hire across all grades and levels: SHOs, Middle Grades, Consultants, Clinical Leads, Deputy Medical Directors and Medical Directors.

Why are you passionate about working in the Accident and Emergency recruitment team?

Ashly: I am a very passionate person. I know that if I was working as a doctor I would choose Emergency Medicine because it’s a fast-paced environment and that sits well with my personality. I love that it’s the first department when you go to a hospital. In my personal opinion, doctors within A&E make the most impact in a hospital because of the urgency of the cases. It’s truly inspiring hearing about the incredible cases our A&E doctors have dealt with while on shift.

Dani: Emergency Medicine is the most in-demand specialty in the UK and around the world. We get to support doctors from all over the world to find jobs in the NHS and make the move here. We have lots of opportunities and vacancies available within the Accident and Emergency departments. This means we get to place the most doctors out of all the specialties and therefore, we get to speak to most doctors and learn about their stories. It’s empowering to recruit such inspirational people and it feels great to find so many doctors their dream jobs.

What qualifications do you need to become an Emergency Medicine doctor in the NHS?

Tom: This depends on the NHS trust and their requirements. If you graduated from a medical school outside of the UK, you’ll probably need to take the PLAB test in order to get GMC registration. However, most of our NHS Trust clients consider MRCEM to be the most prestigious postgraduate qualification. The MRCEM exam is split into 3 parts: primary, intermediate, and OSCE. You’ll also need to have an English language certification: OET or IELTS. To help you complete your OET or IELTS, we work exclusively with Kalsoom Butt who runs a course to help you pass your exam first time around. If you are an international doctor, an alternative option would be to acquire GMC registration via the SELR route. Remedium supports candidates with all of the above qualifications.

Adam, as the newest member of the team, how are you finding it so far?

Adam: I’m finding it exciting, enjoyable and I’m getting lots of support from the Remedium team. I feel like I’m making good progress and I look forward to the future and progressing in my role!

Why is it a good idea for emergency medicine doctors to move to the UK to work in the NHS?

Ashly: Our doctors often come from places where they don’t necessarily have the opportunity to train to become Consultants. Therefore, many doctors, particularly from the Middle East, dream of working for the NHS to develop their skills and grow in their careers.

NHS training is highly prestigious and well recognised across the whole world. Therefore doctors get a wealth of experience under their belt and can take this with them wherever they end up working in the future.

It’s also the highest funded healthcare service in the world both for training and for healthcare.

What areas of the UK do you place NHS Emergency Medicine Doctors?

Everywhere in the UK! We’re the leading provider for A&E doctors within the NHS. We work with most of the hospitals and NHS Trusts in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Remedium?

Dani: We all love what we do. We have an amazing family culture, we work exceptionally well as a team and everyone gets great recognition for the work they do. We also have an incredible benefits policy. We have Class Pass gym membership, fun team nights out, and quarterly unique experiences for the top performers.

A massive advantage is being based by Kings Cross St. Pancras station in the center of London. We get to meet so many of our doctors especially when they land at Heathrow. We love it when the doctors come to visit the office and they are always extremely thankful for our help in finding them a job in the NHS.

Tell us an amazing story about one of the doctors in the UK you placed whilst working at Remedium

Ashly: Absolutely. Jennifer is one doctor who comes to mind straight away as last night I took her for dinner in Essex. It was great to spend time with her and show her around the area which she now calls home. Jennifer is originally from Canada, but she studied at a med school in India. In Canada and the US, doctors must wait five to six years to get into training. However, in the UK it’s a lot quicker which is why she has now chosen to come here. Her dream of becoming a consultant can now happen without the long and drawn-out wait.

Jennifer opened up to me about overcoming so many challenges in her life. It’s so inspiring to hear the doctors’ stories and what brought them to the UK.

My second story is about Dr. Inshad. Two years ago we supported Dr. Inshad to relocate from India to Wales to work in an Accident and Emergency department in an NHS hospital. In October 2021, this heroic doctor saved the day when a seven months pregnant mum-to-be went into labour mid-flight to Kerala. He was even featured in the news with his brave story. You can read the full story here.

Dani: I have so many stories of wonderful doctors I have worked with. This is more of a special memory than a story about a specific doctor. I recently visited a hospital which we work within London. It was incredibly fulfilling seeing six doctors who I had placed all on the same A&E shift. During an A&E shift, there are usually around nine to ten doctors working. Therefore, I had placed more than half of them. Not only did I feel so proud of the doctors I had placed, but I also felt so proud of Remedium for helping the hospital fill their gaps.

When you move to the UK, you must bear in mind that your first job might not be your ultimate career destination. However, getting your foot on the NHS ladder could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made as a doctor. You’ll be well on your way to your dream job. Our relationship with our doctors is forever. Once we find you a job, we don’t just disconnect, we’re with you throughout your whole journey and career.

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