Life Support Courses in the NHS: A Guide for International Doctors

Life support courses, such as ALS, ATLS or APLS, are often listed as mandatory requirements for doctor jobs in the NHS. In this article, we explain what these courses are, why you need them and how to go about taking them.

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international doctor

Why international doctors use Remedium to find NHS jobs

In this article, we outline some of the reasons why doctors from all over the world choose Remedium to help them find work in the NHS and to relocate to the UK.

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mental health

NHS Doctors: Managing your mental health when relocating to the UK

We’ve supported thousands of doctors through the relocation process, so we’re experts in supporting you to overcome some of the practical and emotional challenges that can arise. In this blog, we outline ways to help maintain your mental wellbeing when relocating to the UK as an international doctor.

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Relocating with pets

Aspiring NHS Doctors: Relocating to the UK with Pets

Are you worried about the prospect of relocating to the UK with your pet? We have put together some key points you need to consider when moving your pet from one country to another.

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Gaining references for NHS

References: How do I prepare for a job as a doctor in the NHS

In this article, we outline the steps on how to prepare your employee references for a job as a doctor in the NHS.

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UK locations

How to pick the best UK place to live as an international doctor

Britain is a rich tapestry of diverse counties and regions and so some of our doctors can find it difficult to decide where exactly they should choose to live and work. So, we created this guide to help doctors who are interested in coming to work in a UK hospital to make a decision around what area they would like to live in.

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NHS graduates

NHS postgraduate qualifications for international doctors

In this article, we outline the NHS postgraduate qualifications you will need for each speciality in order to work as a doctor in the NHS.

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video call

NHS video interviews: top tips for doctors

We have put together our top tips to help doctors prepare for their NHS video interview on Zoom or Teams.

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Understanding NHS banding and doctors pay scales

NHS banding and pay scale questions are common for doctors joining the National Health Service. Here’s all you need to know about NHS doctors pay scales.

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Childcare in the UK: A guide for overseas doctors and IMG’s

If you’re a doctor or IMG relocating to work as an NHS doctor here’s everything you need to know about childcare and education provision in the UK.

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NHS CV writing advice for Overseas Doctors

CV writing tips, advice, and techniques for overseas doctors and International Medical Graduates (IMG) applying to the NHS in the UK.

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