Remedium’s Referral Scheme for Doctors

Remedium is built on the power of word-of-mouth referrals, making us firm believers in rewarding our doctors. Read our blog to find out more.

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How do I pick my Medical Specialty?

We understand that making a final call about your medical specialty might be one of the most challenging decisions you’d have to make. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you select the medical specialty that is right for you.

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New Year's Resolution Tips for Doctors - 2023

New Year’s Resolution Tips for Doctors

The new year brings a plethora of opportunities for you to redirect your professional or personal life. This is the perfect time to make resolutions and set the goals you wish to achieve this year. Read on to know more about the top new year’s resolutions you might want to focus on this year.

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Merry CHristmas Doctors

International Doctors Working During Christmas

While Christmas and New Year are holidays for a majority of working professionals unfortunately, the same can’t be said about doctors. As an international doctor you may feel that you are missing out on all the joyful parts of Christmas and New Year, but here are some ways to make the best of this jolly good season.

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National Insurance(NI) Number UK

Everything doctors need to know about National Insurance

As an international medical graduate (IMG) moving to the UK, getting your National Insurance (NI) number is imperative, amongst other crucial documents. In this blog, we will tell you more about what a National Insurance number is, how you can apply for one and how Remedium can help you with all your essential relocation documents. […]

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Theatres recruitment

Theatres recruitment: Building a career in the NHS

Are you ready to build your career as an anaesthetist, intensivist, or surgeon in the NHS? Here’s everything you need to know!

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Diwali Celebrations UK

Top Ways to Celebrate Diwali in the UK

As yet another year is coming to an end, why not make the most of it by participating in as many joyous events as possible? Monday, 24th October, marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations in the UK. Here’s how you can celebrate Diwali in the UK

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GMC Registration

GMC Registration: A guide for overseas doctors

All doctors who wish to practise in the UK must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), regardless of where in the world they’ve trained. In this handy guide, Remedium explain why you need GMC registration to work as a doctor in the UK and what you need to do in order to become GMC registered.

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International NHS Doctor

Your first week as an international NHS doctor

At Remedium, we’ve supported thousands of doctors like you to make the move to the UK from over 40 countries around the world. In this handy guide, we’ve collated our top tips for international doctors who have recently arrived in the UK and are looking to get off to a head start.

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Indian Curry UK

Top 5 Curry Restaurants in the UK

UK’s extensive range of exceptional Indian restaurants is increasing by the year. On the occasion of national curry week and out of our love for curry, we have put together a list of 5 top-rated curry restaurants in the UK.

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European Day of Languages 2022

European Day of Languages 2022

September 26th marks the 22nd European Day of Languages with celebrations due to take place in Europe and beyond. Here’s how you can celebrate this special day

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Doctor career ladder NHS

Doctor Grades in the NHS – A Simple Guide

Doctor career progression in the NHS is rarely a straight line, and some international doctors and IMGs we speak to find understanding the NHS career trajectory to be a little tricky. So, we created this no-nonsense guide to NHS doctor grades, from FY1 to locum and substantive consultant level.

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Medicine doctor

Medicine recruitment: Building a career in the NHS

If you’re an international doctor trying to find an NHS job, here’s everything you need to know about building your career in Medicine with the UK’s National Health Service, as well as how we here at Remedium can help you take your first steps.

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Understanding NHS banding and doctors pay scales (Updated for 2022)

NHS banding and pay scale questions are common for doctors joining the National Health Service. Here’s all you need to know about NHS doctors pay scales.

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Radiologists NHS UK

Radiology Recruitment: Building a Career in the NHS

How do I get a job as an international radiologist in the UK? Read our latest guide to find out.

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Night shift

Managing Night Shifts as an International Doctor

Night shifts are inevitable when providing 24-hour care as an NHS doctor. Here are our top tips to help you cope during your night shift.

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