New Year’s Resolution Tips for Clinicians

New Year's Resolution Tips for Doctors - 2023

The new year brings a plethora of opportunities for you to redirect your professional or personal life. This is the perfect time to make resolutions and set the goals you wish to achieve this year.

Here are the top new year’s resolutions you might want to focus on this year:

New Year’s Resolution Tip #1: Work-Life Balance

As a doctor, you may often have to put your work ahead of your personal life. Over time, this can lead to you feeling burned out and unhappy. So, this year, you can make it your top priority to maintain a work-life balance and spend a reasonable amount of time with your family.

New Year’s Resolution Tip #2: Mental Health

Doctors spend their entire day diagnosing patients and saving lives, often finding it difficult to admit their illnesses – whether physical or mental. Research indicates up to a third of doctors experience some form of a work-induced mental health crisis at some point in time during their careers. This year you can start prioritising your mental health by exercising, meditating, taking breaks, and spending some time with yourself.

Remedium’s initiative Healing our Healers champions mental well-being support for the clinical workforce. It aims to ensure that the mental well-being of our doctors remains part of our national conversation and that doctors know that help is there for them when they require it.

New Year’s Resolution Tip #3: Get More Exposure

Get as much work experience as you possibly can! This will significantly impact your resume, and you will get a chance to learn so much. This year you can list various volunteering opportunities that will benefit you, read books written by healthcare professionals about their personal experiences, travel, and participate in conferences to add more value to your resume.

New Year’s Resolution Tip #4: Relocate to a New Country

One of the great things about being a doctor is that your skills are in demand worldwide. So, if you’ve always been keen on immersing yourself in a different culture, meeting new people or learning a new language, and gaining work experience in a foreign country to expand your opportunities, this should be your new year’s resolution.

Whatever your reasons, you need to be clear about why this is right for you and which country you wish to relocate to. If working with the NHS UK has always been on your mind, then register with us for our team of experts to reach out to you at the earliest and take you through the entire process of application and relocation. Register here to learn more about the right career opportunity for you.

New Year Resolution Tip #5: Career Progression

Knowledge is everything, and your broad experience will come in handy while treating your patients. In addition, as a doctor furthering your medical career in an international healthcare system will give you access to the following:

  • Top-quality training and development
  • Ground-breaking research
  • Better standards of pay
  • Learning new skills and participating in research & development projects.
  • A diverse, multicultural population with a wide range of health needs

The UK has long been one of the most popular destinations for overseas doctors as it is home to one of the largest healthcare systems in the world. The National Healthcare System (NHS) is well known for delivering high standards of care, research excellence, and world-class training and development programs. To check the current vacancies at the NHS, click here – or register with us here.

How can Remedium help you move to the UK and progress your career?

Once you register your details on our website, our team will reach out to you with job opportunities in the NHS tailored to your preferences. They will set up your interviews, and help you prepare. Your Remedium Consultant will also be able to answer any questions regarding postgraduate qualificationsGMC registrationvisasCOS, and more.

Once you have received a job offer, your onboarding executive will provide tailored relocation advice according to your background and job preferdences. Alongside this, you will have access to our award-winning Red Carpet Platform, which will assist you with all aspects of your relocation to the UK. Remedium has recruited over 3,500 doctors to 100 NHS trusts across the UK – could you be next?

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