The Portfolio Pathway: The New CESR

As of November 30, 2023, the CESR pathway to becoming a specialist or GP in the United Kingdom is significantly transforming. The General Medical Council (GMC) is implementing new legislation to simplify and streamline the application process for doctors aspiring to join the Specialist or GP registers. This blog post will explore the fundamental changes and what they mean for current and future applicants. 

A Shift in Requirements

One of the most significant changes is the shift in the required evidence. Previously, doctors applying for specialist or GP registration via the CESR or CEGPR pathways were required to prove their qualifications and training were “equivalent” to a UK-trained doctor with a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in the relevant specialty. The requirement for proving equivalence will be replaced with evidence of knowledge, skills and experience required for practicing as a GP or Specialist doctor in the UK.

This change does not indicate lowering standards, but introduces a more consistent minimum standard across all specialist and GP registration pathways.

Updated Specialty-Specific Guidance

To complement this change, the GMC has collaborated closely with The Royal Colleges to update specialty-specific guidance. These updates will reflect the broader range of evidence that moving ahead will be considered from doctors applying for specialist or GP registration. Applicants will be evaluated based on the high-level learning outcomes outlined in the GMC-approved UK specialty curricula, making the process more transparent and accessible.

Increased Flexibility

In response to feedback from the medical community, the GMC has requested more flexibility in specialty-specific guidance. This includes considerations for time limits on evidence submission, structured reports, the use of evidence collected for revalidation, and recognition of evidence from formal UK education and training progression.

A New Name: From CESR to Portfolio Pathway

To align with these changes, the GMC is rebranding the CESR and CEGPR pathways as the “Portfolio Pathway” starting November 30, 2023. This name better describes the application process and is set to be used across all GMC documentation, correspondence, and web pages.

These changes will revolutionize the journey to specialist and GP registration in the UK. Doctors, especially International Medical Graduates (IMGs), can look forward to a more flexible, transparent, and accommodating application process. While the standards for registration remain high, the new legislation aims to make the path more convenient and less bureaucratic. As the GMC’s focus shifts from equivalence to knowledge, skills, and experience, aspiring specialists and GPs can embark on their careers with renewed optimism.

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