UK Cost of Living for International Doctors

Cost of Living in the UK

As a doctor planning to relocate to the UK, you might be thinking about whether the UK cost of living will be higher or lower than in your home country. Read this blog to find out.

Many of our international doctors tell us they are worried that the UK cost of living might be too high. However, NHS doctors make a much higher salary than the UK average wage, and living costs vary depending on which city you live in. While the UK cost of living has increased over the previous few years, it now appears to be on the decline.

While staying in the UK, your monthly bills include rent, travel, living essentials and miscellaneous expenses. In this blog, you will find a detailed breakdown of the UK cost of living by each utility bill payable.

Monthly Rental (Region wise)

In England, the cost of accommodation increases as you move further South. Many international doctors initially tell us they want to work in London; however, this area does have the highest housing rental while the North East region has the lowest. The UK cost of living Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is also lower than in England, as a general rule.

Region Average Cost (£)
North East 530
Yorkshire and the Humber 550
East Midlands 561
West Midlands 602
South West 752
North West 623
South East 940
East 860
London 1,480

Transportation Costs in the UK

The UK is very well connected, with an elaborate network of trains and motorways connecting all major cities and towns. Depending on where you live, local public transport provision can vary. For example, London is famous for its underground tube network, with pricing for a single journey within zone 1 starting at £2.70 off peak / £2.80 peak time. This is much more expensive than for example in Manchester where a single zone 1 ticket for the tram is £1.40.

However, if you are travelling for work, it is usually much cheaper to use public transport if you are willing to pay upfront and purchase a monthly pass for the tubes and trains.

Average Cost of Utilities and Bills

The UK’s average fuel cost is £1,131 per year, around 4 percent of the average household budget. The average electricity and gas bill for a flat or 1 bedroom house is £142.69 per month, and for a 3 bedroom house is £208.32 per month.

The average water and sewerage bill cost in the UK is £400 per year, however, the water bill in the UK can vary from place to place, affecting the UK cost of living. Saving on water and avoiding its unnecessary usage can also save some money. The average cost of broadband in the UK is just over £30 per month, including internet and TV services, although this is highly dependant on usage and speed.

UK Cost of Living: Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from your regular expenses, you must consider the variable costs you spend money on. If you’re unsure what variable expenses you have, check your bank account statements from the past few months and take note of anything that is not part of your fixed expenses.

Here are some miscellaneous expenses that you might incur:

  • Clothes£30 – £95
  • Short GP visit (NHS) (10 mins): Free
  • Short GP visit (private) (15 mins): £90
  • Gym membership: £17 – £80 per month
  • Movie ticket: £7 – £15

The UK cost of living will depend on your city. Being the capital city, the cost of living in London is higher than in other places. However, living in a metropolitan city like London has its advantages, such as its amazing history, diverse population, endless list of things to do and incredible transport links. However, if you are on a tighter budget, there are some regional cities and small towns that might suit you better and offer the same benefits, but where the cost of living is relatively low.

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