Driving Productivity in the NHS: Man or Machine?

The Long Term Workforce Plan set out ambitious goals for productivity increases in the NHS – but how will we ever meet them?

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Our International Recruitment Ethos

Remedium are on a mission to solve the UK’s healthcare staffing crisis through ethical international recruitment – here’s how.

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A group of doctors in scrubs walking down a hallway

In Defence of NHS International Recruitment

The NHS is facing a staffing crisis with no easy solution. Here’s how ethical international recruitment can form part of the solution.

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Can the Long Term Workforce Plan work without International Recruitment?

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out aims to reduce international recruitment -but is this achievable, or even sensible?

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The NHS is in a ‘permacrisis’ – how did we get here, and how do we recover?

The NHS has been described as being in a ‘permacrisis’ – how did we get here, and how do we recover? Read on to find out more.

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New from Remedium: Employer Branding

Remedium are now offering Employer Branding as part of our recruitment support package – find out more here!

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NHS Executive Strategy Summit: Our Key Takeaways

Remedium attended the NHS Executive Strategy Summit, where we heard from leading NHS figures on the workforce- here are our key takeaways.

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Remedium Turns 10: 1 Mission

Remedium has one mission – to solve the UK healthcare staffing crisis. Find out more about what our mission means to us here!

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Our Response to the Long Term Workforce Plan

The long-awaited NHS Long Term Workforce Plan was published by NHS England last week- read our analysis here.

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Remedium Nursing: Recruiting Highly Skilled Nurses into the NHS

To date, we have placed 3,500 doctors in over 80 organizations across the UK. We have saved the NHS an estimated £350 million in reduced agency fees – but we know we can do more. We have recently expanded our recruitment services to include nursing staff. Read on to find out why we launched Remedium Nursing!

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How Digital Tools can help Alleviate Workforce Pressure

Digital tools have become a part of our every day life – and in an NHS struggling with filling vacancies, they can help alleviate workforce pressures. Here’s how.

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Plugging the Gap in Psychiatry Recruitment

Though psychiatry is one of the fastest growing specialisms in the NHS, it is facing staffing challenges. Here’s how Remedium can help.

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NHS Workforce Survey Results

Every year the NHS conducts one of the largest workforce surveys in the world- here is a breakdown of the results of the 2022 survey.

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NHS workforce

NHS Workforce Predictions for 2023

2023 is already off to an eventful start. In this article, we make some predictions about what we think lies in store for the NHS workforce and our NHS Trust clients in 2023.

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Doctor Changeover

Doctor Changeover: Strategic Workforce Planning

Every year in the NHS, the first Wednesday of every August is doctor changeover day. On this day, thousands of junior doctors begin working in our UK hospitals for the first time, and many more change roles as they move along the progression ladder.

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NHS Staffing Crisis

NHS Staffing Crisis Putting Patients at Risk – What Can Be Done?

The NHS in England is facing the worst staffing crisis in its history with over 12,000 doctor vacancies. Read our latest NHS workforce analysis from Remedium CEO, David Green.

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Remedium Newsflash: International Projects are Back!

Our ‘international projects’ proposition allows clients to visit overseas locations with Remedium to assess international clinicians directly at source, helping them to overcome the challenge of recruiting and retaining doctors, especially in shortage occupations.

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NHS staffing

Remedium: Who we are and what we stand for

We believe that increasing ethical international permanent recruitment is vital to address the current NHS workforce crisis. To date, Remedium has placed over 2,500 international doctors into permanent and fixed-term roles, which has saved the NHS over £250 million. But we urgently we need to do more.

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