Remedium Turns 10: 1 Mission

At Remedium, we are on a mission to solve the UK healthcare staffing crisis.

Our Mission

For the past 10 years we have stood firm to our mission statement. This has, however, evolved over time as the utilisation of recruitment services in the UK health sector has changed, particularly in the NHS – our main service user.

Remedium was founded in 2013 to provide a direct solution for hospitals and services that were overly dependent on temporary staffing, such as the trust bank and premium agency locum workers. Our support for our partners with has taken various forms – through introducing international doctors into vacant roles where local recruitment has failed, where the organisation was not capable of satisfying a large scale recruitment project, or where the organisation was unable to source a candidate with the essential skill set for a particular role where vacancies originate from underfilled training posts, service expansion or leavers.

Our Partnerships

Remedium recognised very early on in our journey that the UK healthcare system is often devoid of the administrative recruitment personnel required to deal with the workloads created by mass recruitment. We therefore invested heavily in personnel and tech in order to provide the ideal partnership for the organisations we work with. Over the past 10 years, our owned office in Mumbai has grown to its current size of 30 individuals, dedicated to pastoral support and building  relationships with future candidates to support and guide them to a point where they are ready to move into their desired role in the UK. Once an organisation makes a placement with our recruitment team in London, our Mumbai-based onboarding executives then expertly support the candidate with their transition into post, expertly leveraging the power of our Red Carpet platform, and in person support around-the-clock, during this exciting yet stressful time for a candidate and their family. Our team also support the recruiting organisation with the onboarding administration and pastoral support required to bring candidates into a new system efficiently.

Our Evolution

Born from our mission to solve the UK healthcare staffing crisis, Remedium’s initial focus as a recruitment consultancy was to source and place candidates to directly fill roles previously dependent on temporary staffing. We now find ourselves heavily focused on longer-term partnerships. As representatives of the over 700 doctors a year that secure placements with our NHS clients, we have found that our strong relationships have led to improved candidate retention. With a better understanding of the organisations we work with, Remedium is able to positively influence and support  recruitment processes. This has led to the dual retention of candidates in post and  repeat business for Remedium with organisations returning to work exclusively with our teams for their recruitment needs.

Perhaps our biggest and most recent evolution to our operating model, to support our mission to solve the UK healthcare staffing crisis, has been the formation of our nursing division. We have found that our learning to date is entirely applicable to the nursing market. We have long had nurses hearing of our stellar reputation globally and asking for our support in their journey, combined with our closest partner organisations asking us to recruit nurses with the same level of quality and care that we have demonstrated in doctor recruitment over the past 10 years. We are delighted to support these nurses now and the organisations who need support with their nursing recruitment, as well as doctors.


Remedium remains available to discuss any market conditions currently affecting your NHS workforce and how we can support you in navigating any ongoing staffing and retention challenges. For more insights, visit our blog homepage.

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