Our International Recruitment Ethos

Remedium was formed in 2013 with a single goal – to solve the UK’s healthcare staffing shortage. We are proud to have worked alongside over 100 organisations over the past 10 years, supporting our partners to source and successfully onboard over 3,500 doctors through our ethical recruitment processes.

We see the NHS as a truly egalitarian healthcare system, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of recruitment, which is why we adhere to the NHS recruitment code of practice, and why we are so proud to be awarded a presence on several international recruitment frameworks. 

What Ethical International Recruitment Means to Us 

Since 2013, we have placed over 3,500 permanent doctors in the NHS, saving over £350 million in agency fees. We know that recruiting international doctors in the place of using locum agencies to fill vacancies is cost effective, benefits patient care and helps our partner organisations develop a sustainable workforce, which is why we are so passionate about international recruitment. In 2021 alone, the NHS spent £3 billion on agency locums – 20% more than the previous year. It is clear this expense is increasingly unsustainable for the NHS as the number of clinical vacancies continues to rise.  

We care deeply about the future of the NHS, which is why we are committed to providing long-term, sustainable staffing solutions for our partners. We adhere to the NHS code of practice for international recruitment for this reason – not only to ensure the future of our healthcare system, but to do so in an ethical and sustainable way.  

How we Practice Ethical Recruitment

We are dedicated to solving the healthcare staffing crisis in the UK, though not at the detriment of other countries. As the job market becomes increasingly global, it is important to be aware of the ‘pools’ of candidates we recruit from. Recruiting doctors from a country where the WHO deems the doctor to population size ratio as already too low is exacerbating a worldwide healthcare staffing shortage. For this reason, the ‘Red List’ was introduced in 2020. We are proud to adhere to this, as well as the NHS Code of Practice for International Recruitment.  

We are also awarded a place on several frameworks that both make it simpler for our partners to procure services as well as ensure high standards of ethics and best industry practice are adhered to. The CCS, of which Remedium are named on Lot RM6333, Recruitment of International Healthcare Professionals, and Lot RM6229, Permanent Recruitment 2, requires adherence to NHS guidelines and regulated pricing. We are an awarded supplier on the Health Trust Europe National and International Permanent Recruitment Framework, enabling us to assist trusts with their entire recruitment process.  We are also part of  H.C.A’s Preferred Supplier’s Lists for both domestic and internationally sourced candidates, enabling us to support healthcare organisations recruit international clinicians. We are extremely proud of our appointment onto Lot 1, 2 and 5 of the CCS RM633 Framework as of May 2023, enabling us to broaden our service offering and support our partner organisations in filling nursing vacancies. 

At Remedium, we believe that increasing international recruitment of permanent clinicians is the only way to address the current clinical staffing shortages and to build a sustainable workforce for the future. We know that ethical international recruitment is the best way to address current clinical staffing shortages and build a more sustainable workforce, as well as saving the NHS money, which is why we are so passionate about supporting our partners to source and onboard clinical staff.  

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