A Guide to NHS Scotland Payscales

Navigating NHS pay scales in Scotland can be a challenge for internationally educated clinicians – which is why we put together this guide. Read more here!

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Relocating to Scotland to Work as a Medical Professional

Many clinicians choose to relocate to Scotland – read on to find out more about life in the country as an NHS clinician!

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Career progression for doctors in the NHS

The NHS employs a wide range of clinical staff – find out more about career progression as an NHS doctor here.

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The Portfolio Pathway: The New CESR

From November 30th 2023 the CESR pathway is undergoing some changes. Read on here to find out more about the new Portfolio Pathway!

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Remedium Turns 10: 3 Frameworks

The NHS uses frameworks to procure goods and services- but how do frameworks work for international recruitment?

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Remedium Turns 10: 5 Steps of Recruitment

At Remedium, we have developed a comprehensive and thorough recruitment process over the last decade – read more here!

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Remedium Turns 10: 9 Exclusive Partnerships

We are delighted to have formed 9 exclusive partnerships in the last 10 years – hear more from our team.

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A canal in Birmingham

Relocating to Birmingham to Work in the NHS

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK – in this blog we outline what life is like for international clinicians in the city!

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Landscape of a river in Wales

Relocating to Wales to work in the NHS

Wales is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the UK- find out why NHS doctors choose to live and work in the country here!

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Picture of a street in London with a taxi and bus on the road and union jack bunting

Relocating to London to work as an NHS Doctor

London is the biggest city in the UK- find out what life is like for international doctors relocating to London to work in the NHS!

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How do I pick my Medical Specialty?

We understand that making a final call about your medical specialty might be one of the most challenging decisions you’d have to make. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you select the medical specialty that is right for you.

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Doctor Grades in the NHS – A Simple Guide

Find out more about doctor grades in the NHS, all the way from FY1 to consultant level in our handy guide!

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UK Culture

UK culture guide for international healthcare professionals

In this article, we share a culture guide for international healthcare professionals who are relocating to the UK.

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history of The National Health System

History of The National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS was founded with the aim of providing the citizens of UK with a free reliable comprehensive healthcare solution which is accessible to all. Each region of the UK today, has its respective NHS body i.e. NHS Wales, NHS Scotland,  and NHS Northern Ireland.  The NHS currently employs over 1.7 million people in 350 different roles across 223 trusts in the UK.

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UK Healthcare Industry

Top Things to Know About the UK Healthcare Industry

The UK healthcare industry is famous for its egalitarian mission and is one of the largest in the world. Here are the top things you need to know about it.

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