Remedium Turns 10: 5 Steps of Recruitment

Over the past 10 years, we have developed a comprehensive and thorough recruitment process – ensuring our candidates and clients have the best recruitment experience possible. Read on to find out more!

1. Resourcing  

The first step in our recruitment process is resourcing. Our strategic resourcing process means that we build and maintain relationships with thousands of clinicians across the globe – from clinicians who have yet to complete their Royal College exams, to consultants who are ready to make the move to the UK immediately.  

We pride ourselves on our ‘Grade A’ candidate database. Our quick and easy application process means we never miss a good candidate, and our expert team of resources and recruiters are experts in identifying top talent in their specialties.  

Over the past 10 years, as we have continued to build strong relationships with our candidates, the number of candidates we receive via referrals has risen. 36% of our candidates are now referred to us by previous happy candidates, a testament to our dedication to candidate care 

We also attend international conferences and events across our specialties, allowing us to meet and form strong relationships with candidates in person.  

2. Candidate qualification  

Just like in clinical care, all of our candidates are triaged. Our stringent vetting procedure ensures we take the time to get to know our candidates, gain an understanding of their experiences, goals, and relocation needs – ensuring we can match them with the perfect job in the perfect location. This ensures any potential obstacles are overcome before our candidate’s interview – saving time and resources for both candidates and NHS organisations.  

This process also allows us to get to know our candidates on a personal basis, helping build the trust and rapport needed to ensure clinicians successfully make the move to the UK. At Remedium, we know that relationships lead to retention – which is why we take the time to understand our candidates’ requirements.  

3. Job hunting  

Once we have a deeper understanding of our candidates’ requirements, we begin the job search process.  

Our strong relationships with our clients means that we know how each Trust operates, and which clinicians will be suited to each Trust. We use this knowledge to place our candidates where they will thrive, in a role and location that meets their requirements. All of our placements are made with the aim of our candidate remaining in post for the duration of their contract and beyond – which is why we take such care to match our candidates to a role that will suit them for the long term. 

4. Job service  

Before we send our candidates to interview, we make sure that they are aware of the exact job role, salaries and working conditions. This ensures our clients only invest time in interviewing clinicians that are willing and able to accept their exact job offer. This is a crucial step in our process and has contributed to our 98% job acceptance rate.  

We know that relocating to another country is daunting. We make sure we confirm the finer details of a placement ahead of time, so our candidates know exactly what to expect when moving to the UK. We aim to remove as many barriers as possible in the relocation process, and making sure our candidates are fully informed and prepared for their new role is essential.  

5. Candidate upkeep 

Once our candidates have secured a job offer, we support them with administration, understanding the terms and conditions of employment, and agree a timeframe for relocation between our candidate and client. This step is essential for managing expectations, ensuring health organisations have ample time for planning and ensuring candidates are kept warm while they wait for their relocation date.  

We know that communication is key in recruitment – especially when we are recruiting clinicians from overseas, which can be a lengthy and demanding process for all involved. Our dedicated onboarding teams work with our candidates and clients to reduce administrative burden, and ensure candidates are able to relocate in a timely and stress-free way.  

If you are interested in hearing more about our recruitment process, or how we can support you with your workforce needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.  

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