Remedium Turns 10: 9 Exclusive Partnerships

At Remedium, we know that relationships lead to retention – which is why we value long-term, collaborative partnerships so highly. We are delighted that over our 10 years of business, we have had the privilege to work with 9 organisations on an exclusive basis.  

The Value of Partnerships  

To us, our exclusive relationships are the most important relationships we have with our NHS clients. These partnerships allow us to go beyond traditional contingent recruitment, where recruitment suppliers are held at arm’s length, and move into strategic workforce planning. The Trusts we work with on an exclusive basis have seen transformational results, with up to 80 clinicians having been sourced, interviewed, and onboarded over two trips via our international recruitment methodology 

Our long-term support goes beyond our international project offering. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, offering supports NHS organisations with candidate attraction, workforce planning, fixed-term and substantive recruitment as well as pastoral support, reducing administrative burden on NHS recruitment teams and allowing organisations to focus on other operational priorities.  

Close partnerships between the NHS and providers are key in delivering positive outcomes efficiently. For us at Remedium, that outcome is the filling of vacancies with staff placed on permanent contracts. Our goal for each of our clients is to support them in building a robust and dynamic workforce that will enable them to deliver best-quality care to patients, reduce agency locum spend, and ensure that clinicians we place stay in post for the long term.   

Working in Partnership, Long Term

Working with a Trust on a long-term basis allows us to begin strategic workforce planning, and work towards longer-term communal goals. These goals can be bespoke to each Trust’s requirements or can be based around larger NHS targets. Over the past 10 years of business, we have saved the NHS over £350 million in agency locum fees – a massive achievement that we are incredibly proud of, but also a huge step towards the government’s goal of ‘materially reducing’ spend on agency locum staff as set out in the Long-Term Workforce Plan. We are best placed to reduce reliance on agency locum spend when we are able to work with an organisation to reduce time-to-hire and predict workforce needs, allowing us to mobilise and hire according to need – reducing the need for locum support.  

We are also able to proactively respond to workforce needs at Trusts quickly, ensuring vacancies are not left unfilled in the longer-term, and areas seeing high demand are able to increase their workforce numbers to appropriately expand capacity. It is this proactive recruitment which has the greatest impact on patient care – ensuring vacancies are filled in a timely manner with experienced and qualified clinicians reduces delays for patients and will have a significant impact on reducing the current 7.47 million strong elective backlog.  

Relationships Lead to Retention  

We know from experience that relationships lead to retention. The same principle – that a healthy relationship will lead to longer relationships with our clients – is true of our clients and the clinicians we place with them. When we are able to work on a long term basis with a healthcare organisation, we are able to develop an ecosystem between us, our client, and their candidates. As relationships between each group develop, the understanding between them grows and the triumvirate works more successfully. As a result, candidates settle into Trusts at pace and Remedium can screen and place clinicians more efficiently.  

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