Frameworks for International Recruitment

Procurement is an essential function in the NHS. Sourcing and purchasing the necessary goods and services to provide high quality patient care is becoming ever more complex, with the growing range of products and services required- and procurement processes can be a significant burden to Trusts. Designed to streamline the procurement process, frameworks outline pre-agreed terms and conditions, standardised pricing and a range of suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted. Frameworks allow Trusts to procure goods and services more efficiently and ensure fair pricing and high standards of service.   

Frameworks for International Recruitment   

There are several frameworks for recruitment companies that work with the NHS, to ensure recruitment companies are operating legally and ethically. These frameworks require adherence to high standards of recruitment, a commitment to good industry practice and a thorough vetting. There are several frameworks the NHS can use to procure recruitment services, such as the CCS, Health Trust Europe, and the National Clinical Staffing Framework.  

Remedium is proud to be included in the above frameworks– and we are excited to announce we are now on Lot 1, 2 and 5 of the RM6333 CCS framework. Remedium can now offer international recruitment for doctors, nurses and midwives, as well as candidate pastoral support via the framework. 

We know the NHS is facing a significant staffing challenge- and we are excited to be able to increase our support offering for Trusts. We hold the NHS in the highest regard and the long-term sustainability of universal healthcare is at the heart of everything we do.  

If you want to hear more about how Remedium can support your trust, please contact us today.  

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Oliver Jansen

Commercial Director

Oliver joined Remedium as commercial director after working his way through the ranks at the NHS. He began his career at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and climbed from grass-roots level through to operational management and beyond. He draws upon this experience to consult clients on how they too can achieve a strong foundation from a full clinical workforce, leading to more patient-centred care and improved operational performance.

Oliver has a particular passion for technology and innovation in healthcare, which enabled his entry on to the prestigious NHS England Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme. Book a meeting with Oliver here to discuss any of the market conditions affecting the NHS and how Remedium can help navigate any ongoing recruitment and retention challenges.

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