Two doctors sitting at a a table, one with their hand to their face and the other offering support

Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month- here are our top tips for looking after your mental health working in the NHS!

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NHS Workforce Survey Results

Every year the NHS conducts one of the largest workforce surveys in the world- here is a breakdown of the results of the 2022 survey.

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LGBT pride flags against a blue sky

LGBT+ History Month: An Interview with Neil Hardy-Lofaro

Interview with Neil Hardy-Lofaro, Deputy COO at Gloucester Hospitals, about his experience as a member of the LGBT community in the NHS.

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mental health

NHS Doctors: Managing your mental health when relocating to the UK

We’ve supported thousands of doctors through the relocation process, so we’re experts in supporting you to overcome some of the practical and emotional challenges that can arise. In this blog, we outline ways to help maintain your mental wellbeing when relocating to the UK as an international doctor.

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NHS doctors celebrating Diwali in the UK

Diwali also known as the Hindu festival of light will be celebrated by thousands of people across the country and world this month. We reached out to some of our doctors in the UK to find out what their plans are to celebrate in the UK.

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Guest Post: How to manage stress and anxiety as a hospital doctor

In this guest blog, Dr. Caroline Walker, full-time Doctor’s Wellbeing Specialist and founder at The Joyful Doctor, offers practical advice for clinicians on how they can manage stress and anxiety, ahead of our upcoming Healing our Healers webinar.

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Workforce planning is key to post-Covid NHS doctor retention

In April 2021 the BMA reported many doctors were considering leaving the NHS. For NHS Trusts, workforce planning is vital to prevent high doctor turnover post-pandemic.

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Remedium takes action during Mental Health Awareness Week

This Mental Health Awareness Week it’s time to talk about NHS doctors’ mental health. Pandemic burnout is pushing UK doctors to anxiety and depression.

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Healing Our Healers Event – Managing Stress & Anxiety During Covid-19

Healing our Healers champions mental wellbeing support for a Doctors under immense pressure. Join us for our first event on July 6th, 2021.

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How Remedium supports the wellbeing of our doctors

Dr. Fadhulallah, an A&E doctor who was working in the Irish system, shares how Remedium were able to support both his practical and emotional needs in order to find a better career path in the NHS.

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Dr. Kheshwalla on relocating during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dr. Kheshwalla, an Emergency Medicine clinician from India, shares how Remedium supported him to relocate to the UK, even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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