How Remedium supports the wellbeing of our doctors

Dr. Fadhulallah, a Sudanese A&E doctor recruited from Ireland, admits that life can be sometimes be difficult and that he has faced many challenges on his journey to finding a better life and career in the NHS. In the video below, he shares his story of how Remedium’s team went above and beyond in order to support him with both the practical and emotional aspects of moving up into a new role in order to forge a better and more fulfilling career.

Dr. Fadhulallah admits that life can be sometimes be difficult and that he has faced many challenges. Six months previous, he had realised that he was not enjoying the training programme he was on and that he wanted to move to a different specialty. So, he registered his CV with Remedium and was immediately contacted by a member of our team. He says that he was highly impressed and describes us as being “humane, professional, excellent people. They know what they are doing.”

Practical Support

Within a few days, we were able to secure Dr. Fadhulallah an interview at the NHS trust which was best able to accommodate his career ambitions. He shared that “they prepared me very well for the interview… They taught me how the NHS expected different types of questions to be answered and how to deal with them in a professional way.”

Dr. Fadhulallah was immediately offered the job and shares how impressed he was by Red Carpet, our unique technological platform which supports our doctors with all their administration and paperwork needs. “At that time, I was thinking about how I’m going to process my visa and how am I going to deal with all that heavy paperwork. But, every worry that came across my mind, Remedium had some sort of innovation to take care of that challenge. As soon as I cleared the interview, they sent me the job offer letter as an editable PDF that I didn’t even need to print out – I could just sign it using my laptop, which was especially good, as printing was difficult for me at that time.”

Every worry that came across my mind, Remedium had some sort of innovation to take care of that challenge.

When it came to processing his visa and certificate of sponsorship (COS), Dr. Fadhulallah was particularly impressed by Remedium’s knowledge of the inner workings of the UK Home Office. Through our experience of supporting thousands of clinicians with their visa applications, our OBEs are experts in how to anticipate and avoid every kind of problem that can arise with administrative side of moving to the UK. In his words: “When I asked, Fran told me that we are in close contact with the Home Office and that we always raise these issues with them.”

Emotional Support

In addition to practical and administrative relocation support, we pride ourselves on the high level of emotional and cultural guidance that we provide to all our doctors. In his video, Dr. Fadhulallah shared that he is strong in his belief that if it wasn’t for God’s favour, combined with the kind emotional support offered to him by the Remedium team during a time of crisis, he would not be sitting here today.

Dr. Fadhulallah bravely shared his story. Just as he was ready to leave old job and to start his new one, he was struck by Covid-19. He said, “I even struggled to grab a glass of water and the symptoms stayed with me for a long time. I was very worried.” For a significant period, Dr. Fadhulallah had to self-isolate and this was made even more difficult as his family were back home in Sudan and could not be there to support him in his time of great need.

When Dr. Fadhulallah was eventually able to return to work, his continued feelings of frustration meant that he found himself slipping into a deep depression. “I was weak, confused and hesitant,” he shared. “I thought I couldn’t practice medicine anymore.” Things got so bad that every night, he even prepared himself to not wake up each morning.

This went on until one day, Dr. Fadhulallah received a call from Conor Mace, one of Remedium’s specialist recruitment consultants. In his words: “He approached me in an intelligent way and he taught me about the importance of self-care. As a typical Middle Eastern man, I didn’t know anything about self-care, but Conor called me every day to make sure that I was still okay. I asked him – why are you calling me every day? He said a very nice thing. He said, we care about the wellbeing of our doctors.”


I asked him, “why are you calling me every day?” He said a very nice thing – we care about the wellbeing of our doctors.


Fortunately, with the support of his family and friends Dr. Fadhulallah was eventually able to move forward with his life. He said, “I moved to my new place of work and I’m very happy here. I like the town and I like the vibe of the nearby city. I’m settling in very well.

Remedium did me a great favour, so I have to thank them. I have even invited Conor to come and share a traditional Sudanese meal, Goraasa, with me and my family to say Shukran for his hard work and friendship!”


My message to you, brothers and sisters, is that if you are you job hunting, then save yourself the time and effort. Speak to Remedium, they are the bomb! You will not regret it.


Thank you Dr. Fadhulallah for bravely sharing your story with us. We wish you all the best in your new role in the NHS!

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