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Finding a school in the UK as an international doctor relocating to the UK

Relocating to the UK with children is a complex process – but it can be made easier. Find out more about schools in the UK here.

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Relocating to Dublin to work in HSE

Dublin has a rich history, vibrant culture, and excellent healthcare system, making it an attractive destination for those seeking new career opportunities and a good quality of life – find out more about living in the city here!

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Useful Resources for Clinicians Working in the NHS

Moving to the UK to work in the NHS can be daunting, and it can be difficult to find resources for new joiners – read more here.

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Overseas NHS Workers Day

March the 1st is Overseas National Workers Day- a day to celebrate the amazing contribution of international staff working in the NHS.

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Relocating to Scotland to Work as a Medical Professional

Many clinicians choose to relocate to Scotland – read on to find out more about life in the country as an NHS clinician!

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Career progression for doctors in the NHS

The NHS employs a wide range of clinical staff – find out more about career progression as an NHS doctor here.

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UK Visa Changes: FAQ

The UK Government recently announced changes to the UK immigration policy – read our FAQ to find out how the changes may impact you.

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Comprehensive Guide: How to Prepare for Clinical Exams

Unlock success in the MRCP exam with practical strategies. From random test questions to study plans, discover effective methods. Tailored advice for IMGs and a blueprint for Royal College exams. Prepare confidently, tackle stress, and triumph in your medical career.

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The Portfolio Pathway: The New CESR

From November 30th 2023 the CESR pathway is undergoing some changes. Read on here to find out more about the new Portfolio Pathway!

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An interview with Dr Gareth Hampton, Divisional Medical Director at Southern Health and Social Care Trust

Hear from Dr Gareth Hampton, Divisional Medical Director in Emergency Medicine and Unscheduled Care Consultant in Emergency Medicine, at Southern Health and Social Care Trust on their experience with international recruitment!

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Remedium NHS Information Drive

Bridging the Gap: Remedium’s NHS Information Drive in Kerala and Tamil Nadu

Remedium frequently organises comprehensive information drives across Indian states, hosting NHS informational seminars and engaging aspiring IMGs. Last month, we had the privilege of conducting a successful NHS information drive, aimed at meeting ambitious clinicians and nurses across India. Here are the key highlights:

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Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS

The 5th of July 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the NHS – read about the history of international medical graduates in the service here!

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A canal in Birmingham

Relocating to Birmingham to Work in the NHS

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in the UK – in this blog we outline what life is like for international clinicians in the city!

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Mastering the OSCE

The OSCE is an essential step in clinicians journey into the NHS – here are our top tips to help you pass!

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Pinderfields Hospital

International Recruitment at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust have successfully hired over 60 doctors from overseas- read about how international recruitment works for them!

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Landscape of a river in Wales

Relocating to Wales to work in the NHS

Wales is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the UK- find out why NHS doctors choose to live and work in the country here!

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Doctor Drop-In in Dubai: Top Tips for Relocation

Earlier this month, some of our team flew to Dubai to host a seminar for doctors interested in moving to the UK to work in the NHS. If you missed it, catch our top tips here!

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Sunrise over a mosque

Celebrating Ramadan as an NHS Doctor

Ramadan is one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar- read more about how doctors in the NHS observe the holiday.

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