Accident & Emergency Recruitment: Building a Career in the NHS

Accident & Emergency

As an Accident and Emergency specialist working with the NHS you will be at the forefront of saving lives and will have the opportunity to make a huge difference.

Read on to find out how Remedium can help international A&E specialists to find a job in the UK healthcare sector.

What is the role of an A&E specialist?

As an A&E specialist, you will be treating patients from all walks of life, including casualties from accidents, substance abusers, and people with serious illnesses. You could go from treating a patient with a broken bone to caring for someone who is having a cardiac arrest. Emergency medicine provides you with an opportunity to use a wide range of clinical skills to assess and prioritise patients.

How do I get a job as an international Accident and Emergency doctor in the UK?

The first step to becoming an A&E doctor in the UK is to get the required qualifications. You will require MRCEM, PLAB, or USMLE to work as an A&E specialist in the UK, along with a recognised English language qualification such as OET or IELTS.

Your next step would be to register yourself with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC is the regulatory body responsible for maintaining the official register of all medical practitioners within the United Kingdom. To legally practice medicine and work in the NHS as a doctor you need to be registered with the GMC.

What other routes are available?

Another route that can be considered (although not readily available) is the SELR route. This is an exemption pathway which helps doctors who are struggling to pass their OET or IELTS. If you have passed your MRCEM then SELR allows you to gain GMC registration through trust sponsorship. However, this opportunity is often few and far between. It is always beneficial to complete the English Assessments, but it can be relieving to know that there might be other options available, should they be needed.

How can life support courses help you?

There are many different life support courses that can boost the strength of your NHS application. Some of the courses available are BLS, ALS, and ACLS. However, within A&E a couple of these courses stand out a little more than others with regards to employability. It is understood that the best courses to take to prepare for an NHS A&E role would be ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) and APLS (Advanced Paediatric life support).

Bonus Accident and Emergency Allied Specialties

There are plenty of opportunities for doctors who aspire to develop allied specialties in A&E. These include:

  • Paediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Intensive Care Medicine
  • Academic Emergency Medicine
  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Why choose the UK to work as an international Accident and Emergency specialist?

In UK, the work of an A&E doctor is varied, they are to recognise and treat urgent, acute and life-threatening aspects of various injuries and illnesses affecting patients from all age groups.

The NHS is of the most prestigious healthcare systems in the world. It’s renowned across the globe for being at the forefront of technology and patient care. International doctors working in the NHS are offered a generous salary package, a great pension, and holiday entitlement. These are subject to the specific NHS trusts’ enhancements.

Special Programmed Activities

Each doctor in the NHS is allocated plenty of SPA time (Special Programmed Activity). Therefore, the doctors will get dedicated time to focus on their own personal interests. This can include research, courses, and even additional qualifications. Many clinicians get excited about the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their personal development.

The UK is also a fantastic place to live and work as a doctor, and if you register yourself with Remedium, then we’ll support you and your family throughout the entire relocation journey, from getting an interview with the NHS to moving to the UK.

How can Remedium help you procure a job in the UK as an Accident and Emergency doctor?

To find a job within the A&E specialty at the NHS, you can register your details on our website. Our team of experts will provide you with 24/7 support and address all queries with respect to the postgraduate qualification requirements, interview process, visas, GMC registration, COS, and much more.

Our onboarding team will provide you with tailored advice according to your job preferences and background. Alongside this, you will also have access to our award-winning Red Carpet Platform, which will put you at ease by providing you with assistance on every aspect of your relocation to the UK.

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