Red Carpet: Supporting International Doctors with UK Relocation

UK Relocation Support

At Remedium, we know that UK relocation can be a daunting prospect for some. Instead of feeling alone, our award-winning Red Carpet technology assists candidates with every aspect of the relocation process, including finding accommodation, organising immigration documentation, banking and so much more. Read on to learn more about our Red Carpet digital relocation platform.

The Story of Red Carpet by Remedium

Red Carpet by Remedium is our multi award-winning digital relocation platform, which is available to our candidates across iOS, Android and the web.

Our CEO, David Green, championed Red Carpet because he knew what it was like to move to a new city without someone by his side to offer support. At 21, he moved to Hong Kong with just the clothes on his back and the dream of forging a new career. There was no one there to meet him at the airport, to help him find accommodation or to offer him local guidance. He had to figure out everything for himself.

This is the reason we set up Red Carpet by Remedium. We think international NHS healthcare workers are heroes and we want to give them a first-class service when they first arrive here. Instead of feeling alone, Remedium candidates are offered assistance with every aspect of the relocation process, from the initial interview to finding their dream job and settling into their new home.

Red Carpet by Remedium: Assisting You with Every Aspect of UK Relocation

Our bespoke relocation technology is tailored according to your specific needs as an international doctor or healthcare professional and provides the detail and guidance you require to transition smoothly into a new UK city or town, both from a work and a personal perspective.

Comprehensive accommodation support

Red Carpet candidates have access to our rental hub which provides you with in depth knowledge on the UK rental market, tailored for your specific city or area, and contacts for relevant estate agents across the UK. Whether you are looking for short or long-term accommodation, you’ll quickly and easily find what you’re looking for.

Some candidates may even be eligible for our pay-later Red Carpet financing service, which can help you to pay their first month’s rent while waiting for your first pay check.

Visa, COS and Immigration Documentation

Through the platform, you will be guided through the UK visa and COS process rather than having to navigate these complex processes alone. The technology also ensures that all required documentation from your new employer is completed prior to your first day on the job, offering you regular prompts to make sure it is done correctly and on time.

Get to know your local area

Our unique digital platform provides you with useful and tailored information about your new local area, the NHS Trust you’re about to join and your local community so that you can find answers to all your questions in one place. Whether you are interested in finding your local place of worship or organising schools and childcare for your family, the Red Carpet platform will help you to discover your new town or city with ease.

When all else fails, you’ll receive UK relocation support from your dedicated OBE

You might be questioning whether you really want to use technology alone to manage the complexities of the UK relocation process. After all, what if you have questions or need guidance that the platform cannot answer.

Fear not! All Remedium candidates are assigned a designated onboarding executive (OBE) as soon as they accept a UK job offer, which means there is expert human support available for you 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues you might have.

How can Remedium help you with UK Relocation?

If you are already working with Remedium and have further questions about how to access Red Carpet, contact your designated onboarding executive who will be happy to provide you with further guidance.

If you have come across this blog and have not yet found your future role in the NHS, we would be happy to help.

We understand that the process of relocating can be daunting, but we have supported thousands of doctors like you to make the move before. In addition to tailored interview support, our award-winning digital relocation software, Red Carpet, will help relieve the burden, by helping you with administrative tasks like securing flights and accommodation, setting up a bank account, and much, much more.

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