Recruitment Process Outsourcing – An Agile Approach for an Evolving NHS

Overcoming NHS Trusts’ Recruitment Challenges

At Remedium, we understand that each trust experiences different recruitment challenges. These include but are not limited to reducing time to hire, locum expenditure, attracting the right candidates, as well as improving employee retention.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a model offered by our Remedium Solutions division to support NHS Trusts with candidate attraction, fixed-term and substantive recruitment, the conversion of hard to fill vacancies as well as pastoral care support. As your partner, our solution involves aligning and embedding our resources to ensure you achieve your organisational objectives within your desired timeframes. Specifically, by building a collaborative delivery model via our dynamic stakeholder engagement sessions, which are then governed by mutually agreed service level agreements and key performance indicators (KPIs). Within this phase, our workforce consultants will conduct a market assessment to understand and uncover the root cause of these challenges whilst also developing a series of time-bound actions to drive continuous improvement throughout the partnership. The team will also interview key stakeholders to understand your trust’s Employee Value Proposition and will establish organisational unique selling points (USPs) as well as real-life case studies that can be taken to the candidate market.

RPO Solutions

Our bespoke solutions involve combining digital power with the human touch to deliver on a strategy which is market-led and efficient. To draw on the aforementioned, our objective is to align with your trust’s values to ensure we transform you into a world-class employer. For example, our award-winning digital relocation platform Red Carpet by Remedium has proven to improve the time to hire and employee retention by providing candidates with bespoke on-boarding guidance and personalised timebound actions.
Additionally, Red Carpet by Remedium allows our team to drive insights and relocation process improvement through the net promoter score function. For example, this helps to discover NHS doctor recruitment worries which subsequently allows us to create bespoke marketing material as part of the candidate attraction strategy. These are key solutions which will increase the likelihood of KPI delivery and as a result, will contribute to your trust becoming a premium employer.
Our RPO solutions can be categorised into three different levels of partnership:

Click here for an example of an RPO project which our Remedium Solutions team and our recruiters for the NHS are in the process of conducting.


Measuring RPO Success

As part of each solution, we will continuously monitor and communicate the success of each strategy delivered to ensure maximised RPO success. We have established best practice for the entire hiring cycle in order to work with your teams to reduce lost days using Remedium’s bespoke metrics. In addition to weekly meetings and bi-weekly reports, where we will provide real-time measures of success, we will produce a quarterly performance report which includes further strategies, which are determined from the initial hurdles faced. Ultimately, the report will reveal whether efficient chains of communication and solutions have been established in order to optimise trust performance and objectives.
Our main aim is to continuously embed our services into your entire recruitment cycle to improve your recruitment metrics and to achieve our shared goals.
To find out more about Remedium’s RPO services and how we can work with your internal team to deliver necessary change, please contact a member of our Remedium Solutions team.

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