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Overcoming NHS Trusts’ Recruitment Challenges

At Remedium, we have been supporting the NHS with recruitment for the past 10 years, having recruited and onboarded over 4,000 clinicians into the service, saving £400 million in agency and locum staffing costs.

We are dedicated to adapting our offering to suit the needs of the NHS – and over the past decade we have developed a suite of products and services tailored to support recruitment and retention – including Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO. Read on to find out more.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Our RPO offering provides tailored support for the unique recruitment needs of organisations on a case by case basis. A Remedium account manager will work with your existing teams to streamline recruitment processes and ensure that best practice recruitment is implemented across the organisation.

This offering allows Remedium to take control of the end-to-end recruitment of candidates – including resourcing, interview preparation and pastoral care following appointment – reducing burden on your existing administration teams and giving them more flexibility.

How does it work?

The first step in the RPO process is market mapping. Our team will perform a full scale scan of the market conditions, including the candidate market and competitors’ offerings. We also work with organisations to understand their Employee Value Proposition, enabling us to market organisations unique selling points to capture the attention of candidates in a competitive market.

Remedium will scope the current issues facing organisations in recruitment and provide a tailored package of support – including administrative and pastoral support, TRAC optimisation, candidate attraction, hard-to-fill roles and locum agency reduction strategy. In addition, Remedium will advise administrative teams on process improvement, supply chain management and best practice recruitment methodologies in order to reduce time-to-hire and increase job acceptance rate.

Remedium will take ownership of the recruitment process, using our extensive database to find and screen suitable candidates. We will work with existing departments and HR teams to schedule interviews and support successful candidates with their relocation – whether from overseas or from within the UK.

By managing the entire end-to-end recruitment process, Remedium retains full responsibility for any and all outcomes as a result of the project, relieving pressure on organisations and freeing up time spent on admin and clearance.


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering

Our account managers will work with your teams to put together a bespoke package for your organisation to become a top choice employer. Part of this package includes our digital onboarding support platform, Red Carpet, which supports candidates in their journey to the UK as well as reducing administrative burden on existing staff. Find out more about Red Carpet here.

Our RPO solutions can be categorised into three different levels of partnership:

Measuring Recruitment Process Outsourcing Success

Remedium produce monthly reports on key KPI metrics to continuously measure the success of all strategies and make adjustments accordingly to reduce ‘lost days’. These KPIs are agreed upon by the organisation and Remedium, and are tailored to support the organisation overcome existing recruitment and retention hurdles and improve processes throughout the recruitment process.

Our RPO offering ensures that existing processes are optimised and internal teams are upskilled, so that best practice recruitment is continued post contract completion.

To find out more about Remedium’s RPO services, and how we can support your recruitment and retention processes, please contact a member of our Remedium Solutions team.


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