Remedium Turns 10: 7 Products and Services

Remedium was founded in 2013 with the mission to solve the UK staffing crisis. The business began with the offering of contingent recruitment, and over the past 10 years, we have developed our product and service offering to match the needs of the NHS and our candidates. We pride ourselves on our candidate care approach and our industry leading knowledge that has led us to truly understand and cater to the needs of the NHS. 

Contingent Recruitment

Remedium’s guiding goal, to reduce the agency locum spend in the UK and to increase the number of staff on permanent contracts working in the NHS, led us to contingent recruitment. It soon became clear that this type of recruitment, designed to ‘fill the gap’, allowed clients to increase their permanent staff base, but it did not enable us to strategically plan, reduce time-to-hire, or fill a high volume of vacancies at pace. In short, it was not enough to fulfill our goal.  

With this in mind, we began to expand our product line. The value of more strategic workforce planning became clear, and our offering expanded to include a more comprehensive and hands-on recruitment approach.

Executive Search

Our executive search offering allows access to the passive market for hard-to-fill, substantive vacancies. It also gives you access to market intelligence and data analysis that provides you with invaluable benchmarking and insights. This puts our clients in the best position to attract and engage the most in-demand clinicians. We maintain ongoing professional relationships with high calibre candidates from across the world from all clinical specialties. Top clinicians rarely need to look for work, so we actively engage the passive market with subtlety and discretion.  

International Projects

Our HSJ award-winning proposition allows clients to visit overseas locations with Remedium in order to assess international clinicians directly at source, helping them to overcome the challenge of recruiting and retaining doctors, especially in shortage occupations. This allows organisations to recruit at pace and scale – our projects have seen up to 100 doctors and nurses successfully recruited over three days.

Red Carpet by Remedium

Our award-winning digital relocation platform takes the stress out of relocating by streamlining and automating processes. Having recognised the burdens that international clinicians often face when it comes to relocating, we harnessed technology to develop a platform that consolidates all relocation information in one place. Red Carpet offers its users a real-time progress tracker and built-in reminders to submit information when necessary, such as visa documentation. It also provides insights on housing prices, local amenities, and transportation, bespoke to the location an individual is relocating to.  

Workforce Consulting

Our workforce consulting product provides you with support and advice to help you strategise, maximising the efficiency of your current workforce and helping you plan for future demand. Using a four-step process, a consultant will produce a tailored demand capacity report based on formal data modelling. Using this report, we will help you build bespoke rotas that better serve the needs of your organisation. We will then support you as you roll out your new rotas and safely implement new operating procedures.  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO service takes the stress out of hiring – outsourcing means that Remedium manage the end-to-end recruitment, relocation, and retention processes altogether. Remedium will provide tailored support for your unique recruitment needs. Based on site, our account managers work flexibly with your existing internal teams to optimise processes and ensure that best practice is implemented across your organisation. This support can include: 

  • Employer branding 
  • Digital outsourcing 
  • Process improvement 
  • Internal team upskilling 
  • Administrative support 
  • Rota management

Communications Courses

Moving to a new country is daunting – our CPD-accredited cultural integration and communications course was designated in collaboration with international clinicians to help acclimatise them to life in the UK. Key learning points include: 

  • Developing patient consultation skills and taking a social history 
  • Dealing with different patient types, including breaking bad news 
  • Explaining results and negotiating treatment with patients 
  • Enhancing communication with other healthcare professionals 
  • Engaging in reflective practice and understanding medical terms 
  • UK integration and understanding local culture 

Remedium remains available to discuss any market conditions and how we can help you navigate the historic workforce challenges the NHS is facing. To get in touch with a member of our team, book a meeting here. 

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