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At Remedium, the long-term sustainability of our NHS workforce is at the heart of everything we do. Universal healthcare is a privilege not bestowed upon many across the world, and we think it right to cherish and protect it. We therefore hold our NHS in the highest regard, and that’s why we strive to deliver excellent client service to our NHS Trust clients every time.

We were recently shortlisted for two of this years’ Recruiter Awards, one of which recognises Remedium’s commitment to excellent client service. Read on to find out more about how and why we put our clients first.


Supporting NHS Trusts to Navigate the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

The NHS staffing crisis is often frontpage news and the pandemic has gone on to further highlight the fragility of the UK healthcare workforce. We often hear about long waiting lists, A&E targets getting missed, missed cancer diagnoses and the epidemic of exhaustion and burnout among clinical staff.

At the centre of all these issues is the healthcare staffing crisis. We’ve simply not trained enough doctors in the UK to meet healthcare demand. Ultimately, our clients benefit from our service because increasing international recruitment of permanent clinicians is the only way to address the current clinical staffing shortages and to build a sustainable NHS workforce for the future.


Supporting our NHS clients to save money and reduce locum spend

Integrity is one of our core values – and for good reason. Simply put, it is more profitable for recruitment agencies to place locum doctors into NHS Trusts. This provides a short-term solution to NHS staffing issues but exacerbates the problem in the long term.

In contrast, Remedium was founded with the single vision of reducing excessive NHS agency locum spend. A true disruptive force in the industry; never before had a recruitment agency in our space shunned expensive temporary doctors in favour of a sole focus on the placement of permanent and fixed-term clinicians. Indeed, recruitment companies offering this service make far more money from each locum placement, costing the NHS billions of pounds each year. In 2019/20, NHS Trusts in England alone spent £6.2bn on agency and bank staff. To this day, NHS clients tell us how they remain stuck in the agency locum bind. That’s why Remedium continue to offer excellent client service to help the NHS save money and reduce locum spend.


Driving more efficient and consistent NHS patient care

Of course, there is a time and a place for locum doctors, however, it is an inappropriate use of public funds to use expensive locums for routine services. In addition to saving money, moving towards a permanent workforce allows clients to deliver a more efficient and consistent quality of patient care. Research shows locums’ lack of familiarity with local teams, processes and practices negatively impact patient care and high-profile locum failures in practice over recent years have brought into question their quality and safety. Permanent doctors, on the other hand, must be trained in and by definition will be accustomed to local ways of working. Additionally, the consistency of permanent doctors means patients benefit from clinicians who understand and follow their case over a period of time. Ultimately, through our excellent client service, we are supporting the NHS to move towards a permanent model which leads to better patient care.


Excellent candidate care leads to excellent client service

We offer comprehensive support to our candidates at every stage process, and that means our candidate support doesn’t stop once the job offer has been accepted. We are in the business of bringing doctors to UK from all around the world and by offering personalised administrative, emotional and cultural guidance throughout their relocation to Britain, we improve time-to-hire, lower drop out rates and increase candidate satisfaction, ultimately leading to better staff retention for our clients.

We offer the best candidate aftercare in the business (last year, we won the Recruiter Award for Best Candidate Care!) Our dedicated team of OBEs (onboarding executives), based both in our India and UK offices help doctors settle into their new life and sort out key essentials outside of work, including organising visas, housing, utilities, childcare, bank accounts and much more. Doctors who can start work immediately and with their home life largely sorted are more likely to thrive in their new roles, improving retention. Achieving this involves a huge amount of administration, which would be costly and inefficient for NHS Trusts to do themselves. So, we work in partnership with our NHS Trust partners to ensure the relocation process is simple for new recruits. We believe that by providing candidates with an excellent service, this leads to excellent client service too.


Tailored solutions to drive down NHS recruitment spend

Remedium are all too aware of the workforce challenges facing the UK healthcare sector. We recognise that an aging UK population, coupled with an increasing disease burden and uncertain funding means that the NHS is likely to face a future of ever-increasing demand for clinical staffing. That’s why, in addition to our traditional Remedium Recruit approach, we also provide excellent client service through our Remedium Solutions brand, which allows our clients to build and implement bespoke recruitment strategies and prepare adequately for an uncertain future.


Excellent Client Service for an Excellent Healthcare Service

We care deeply about the future of our NHS and we know we’re supporting our NHS clients to address a complex and multifaceted problem. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering excellent client service through providing considered and cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific workforce needs of your Trust.

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