Occupational health appointment

NHS Occupational Health Appointments for Doctors

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what your NHS occupational health appointment will entail.

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GMC English Requirements

GMC English Requirements for Doctors to Work in the UK

Are there any specific English language exams that I need to gain my GMC registration. Read on to have all your queries answered.

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NHS doctors celebrating Diwali in the UK

Diwali also known as the Hindu festival of light will be celebrated by thousands of people across the country and world this month. We reached out to some of our doctors in the UK to find out what their plans are to celebrate in the UK.

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NHS doctor - Glasgow

Glasgow: Meet our team placing NHS doctors in Scotland

In this article, we find out about the Glasgow office, their experiences with doctors and why they are passionate about working for the NHS.

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international doctors relocating to the UK

Accommodation: Tips for doctors relocating to the UK

In this article, we give tips for international doctors relocating to the UK, how to find housing, and the benefits of working for the NHS.

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Visas: A guide for doctors moving to the UK

If you are a doctor who is looking to make the move to the UK’s National Health Service, you are likely to many have questions around what visa you need and how you would go about getting one. In this article, we outline the answers to some visa questions that we are commonly asked by our doctors who are preparing for life in the UK.

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NHS Staffing Frameworks: A Guide for Candidates

If you are a doctor who is looking to make their next UK career move, you may be wondering how to ensure that you are being represented by a reputable agency. This is an especially important consideration for international doctors who are relocating to the UK. One way to ensure that you are working with a trustworthy business is to check if they are on a recognised NHS framework.

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Covid-19 travel updates for overseas doctors

Last night, the UK government announced changes to the Covid-19 travel rules which opens up jobs within the NHS to thousands of overseas doctors – particularly those from India, the UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.

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NHS doctor interviews: What to expect and how to pass them

Job interviews can be a daunting prospect even for experienced doctors. Thankfully, NHS interviews tend to focus on the same key areas.

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britain is open for business

Covid-19 update: Britain is still open for doctor recruitment

Covid-19 restrictions haven’t stopped international NHS recruitment and doctors moving to the UK. Here’s how Remedium have helped them and what you need to know.

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Our Commitment to Candidate Care

At Remedium, we take pride in our comprehensive candidate care offering. As a result, we are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2021 Recruiter Awards for Candidate Care.

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Updated CoP for NHS international recruitment: what it means for you

The UK code of practice (CoP) for NHS international recruitment ensures hiring practices match the exceptional standard of healthcare the service provides. The UK Government announced significant changes to the CoP.  This includes an update to the list of regions from which the NHS and 3rd party suppliers are able to resource qualified professionals. This […]

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