Our Commitment to Candidate Care

At Remedium, we take pride in our comprehensive candidate care offering during recruitment of doctors to the NHS. As a result, we are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the 2021 Recruiter Awards for Candidate Care.

Relocating to a new country can be daunting. Not only do we guide our candidates to succeed in the interview process but also with every aspect of moving to the UK. Remedium have supported thousands of international clinician candidates to make the move to the NHS.

How we simplify a complex process for candidates and clients

Key areas of how Remedium supports your journey include:

1) Triage

Just like in the emergency department, we begin the candidate care process by putting all applicants through a rigorous ‘triage’ process, meaning that all applicants meet our strict ‘A-grade’ criteria. At this stage, our Remedium consultants connect with candidates, learn more about their career aspirations, preferences, motivations and personal circumstances in order to match them with the perfect role and client.

2) Job Match

The strong partnerships we build with our clients means that we know exactly how they prefer to operate and the type of doctor that will thrive in their working environment. Additionally, some of our candidates will have specific preferences, such as for living in a particular city or being in the catchment area for a top school for their children. We develop this deep knowledge so that we only put candidates forward for roles that match their specific requirements and that align with their career goals. We have found that this approach increases the likelihood of job offers, job acceptance and staff retention later down the line.

3) Interview and Offer Acceptance

We thoroughly prepare all our candidates for interviews, giving them a full brief and debrief so that they have best chance of success. Then, if both parties wish to move forward, we carefully guide them through the process of offer and offer acceptance and agree a relocation timeframe so that everyone’s expectations are managed from the outset.

4) Tailored Relocation Support

Our candidate care does not stop once the job offer has been accepted. At this stage, candidates are assigned to their designated OBE (onboarding executive), whose job it is to make the move to the UK as easy as possible. Our OBEs are highly experienced and will offer guidance on every aspect of relocating to the UK – from applying for visas and obtaining a certificate of sponsorship (COS), to finding and securing flights and accommodation.


Red Carpet: Our Digital Relocation Solution


In the past, our clients and candidates found the administrative process of relocation to be a burden. So, in addition to our human touch, our award-winning digital relocation technology, Red Carpet, streamlines administration for both clients and candidates. This provides candidates with vital support in areas such as visa applications, housing, schooling, finance, and immigration documentation. All documents can be uploaded onto the platform and thereafter, downloaded by the client on their side of the platform.


Day One and Beyond: Supporting Candidates to Succeed in Post


Many clients have told us that international candidates can struggle to adapt to accepted NHS practices and the UK working culture without support. That’s why we pioneered our CPD Accredited Communication Course. This course aims to bridge the culture gap when transitioning to the UK and a new healthcare system whilst providing clinicians with the necessary 25 CPD credits. This course is available as part of a client package or as a stand-alone option for international doctors who have already accepted a role in the UK system. This has led to positive results for both our NHS clients and candidates alike, including increased retention and career success, as well as helping doctors to deliver better, more patient-centred care.


Overall, we have found time and time again that our winning combination of digital and tailored in-person support improves time-to-hire, lowers dropout rates, and increases candidate satisfaction, which ultimately leads to better staff retention for our clients. If you are looking to improve these recruitment metrics for your NHS trust, click here to contact our consultant team to see how we can support you to achieve your goals.


If you are an international clinician who is looking to make the move to the UK, register your details with us today and one of our recruitment teams will be in touch.   See our how to get a job in NHS Guide for everything you need to know about starting your career in the NHS.

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