Updated CoP for NHS international recruitment: what it means for you

The UK code of practice (CoP) for NHS international recruitment ensures hiring practices match the exceptional standard of healthcare the service provides. The UK Government announced significant changes to the CoP.  This includes an update to the list of regions from which the NHS and 3rd party suppliers are able to resource qualified professionals.

This list has not been updated since 2003. The reduction of the UK’s list of non-hiring countries from 152 to 47 opens up a phenomenally large pool of talented and experienced doctors and clinicians to the NHS.

The UK’s NHS is seen internationally as a beacon of best clinical practice and exceptional patient care. At Remedium, we know from conversations we are already having that scores of overseas practitioners in newly eligible locations are eager to join the NHS workforce.

If you’re an international doctor currently based outside the UK, and have been considering relocating to gain highly valuable NHS career experience, we’ve put together this guide to the changes to the CoP.

Continue reading to find out if the changes to the code of practice for international recruitment has opened your door into the NHS. Remedium are dedicated both to NHS best practice and finding permanent UK placements for our overseas doctors. If the CoP has made your NHS career goals a reality, one of our future Remedium doctors in a permanent UK role could be you.

The NHS code of practice for international recruitment

Organisations that internationally hire on behalf of the UK National Health Service from abroad must adhere to the NHS code of practice for international recruitment.

Remedium are no exception, and we pride ourselves in committing to the principles and best practice guidelines outlined by the code. It is by abiding by the CoP that we have become a trusted NHS partner, helping doctors from over 40 countries relocate to the UK with permanent NHS placements.

The CoP outlines principles and guidelines that international recruiters should follow when hiring into the NHS. These ensure that that the NHS continues to provide a high standard of patient care, and maintains a qualified and experienced workforce of dedicated healthcare professionals. The code covers everything from geographic location, to equivalency of international qualifications, to registration with appropriate regulatory bodies.

Why is it important for me?

If you’re currently considering recruitment options for working in the UK it is important that you choose a 3rd party recognised for their adherence to the CoP. The code of practice isn’t a legal requirement, but all suppliers are strongly advised to adhere to it.

If an international NHS recruiter does not adhere to the CoP it raises serious, and valid, questions about their credibility. As a candidate, this can create problems for you in your journey from application to job offer.

The NHS has strong hiring safeguards in place, which means there’s a lot of paperwork checks and bureaucratic criteria to meet. Recruiters like Remedium, who understand and commit to the CoP, ensure a smooth journey free of obstacles caused by ignorance of correct procedure or policy.

What’s Changed?

Changes to the CoP were announced by the UK Government on 23/02/2021. The goal of these changes was to ease outdated restrictions on overseas recruitment, allowing ethical hiring practices that align more closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the world as it stands in the 21st century.

The main change has been to the list of countries from which no hiring was allowed. The previous list of 152 countries was last updated in 2003. The new list is much smaller. Doctors in over 100 additional countries are now able to apply to, and be hired by, the NHS.

There are now only 47 countries recruiters must avoid when hiring international and overseas candidates for NHS positions. The list follows that outlined by the WHO. Not only does this greatly expand the number of professionals able to relocate to join the NHS workforce, but it also ends the confusion caused by the UK’s restricted territories list being different from that of the WHO’s.

What this means for you

The UK government is actively trying to recruit healthcare professionals from overseas. This very much includes doctors, as the UK is experiencing a skills shortage when it comes to clinicians.

For doctors in over 100 countries, this will be the first time in nearly twenty years they’ve been eligible for a position within the NHS. If you’re one of them there’s never been a better time to apply. The changes to the CoP were made with the express intent of bringing skilled professionals like yourself over to the UK.

Remedium has been working with over 80 NHS trusts since 2013, and has so far found permanent placements for over 1800 candidates. With hundreds of these candidates relocating from overseas, it’s safe to say the Remedium team has the knowledge and experience needed to make relocation and an NHS career not only possible but a rewarding and fulfilling experience no matter your location.

If you’re a doctor or clinician considering relocation to the UK for a career in the NHS then register your details with us today. One of the Remedium team will then reach out, an expert recruiter experienced in placing doctors of your level and specialism.  In the meantime, see our How to Get a Job in the NHS Guide for everything you need to know.

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