The UK Healthcare System Opens its Doors to a New Pool of Candidates

The GMC’s decision to add both USMLE and MRCPI to the list of acceptable qualifications has widened the international market from where the NHS can recruit from. This agreement specifically benefits doctors working in the US who have faced barriers for many years in obtaining the necessary qualifications to practice in the UK.

Easier market accessibility should therefore lead to rising talent pools and higher candidate attraction rates. Doctors living in both the US and Ireland are now presented with further employment and training opportunities.

Additionally, these doctors should be regarded as having high talent potential by Trusts. Both qualifications ensure that doctors are equipped with the competencies, knowledge, and professionalism to provide clinically sustainable and quality patient care.

The aforementioned, can therefore be said to compromise for the updated recruitment restrictions that the code of practice released last month. Remedium supports all initiatives outlined by the Code of Practice to preserve, protect and improve the global healthcare ecosystem and the less developed structures within it.

As a result, we are committed to working collaboratively with Trusts to attract and acquire doctors working from countries regarded as ethical to recruit from. If your Trust would like support in recruiting doctors working overseas, please get in touch with us today.

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