Remedium Turns 10: 2 Offices

On our decade-long journey as a recruitment business recruiting primarily international doctors, Remedium has established two offices – one in London and one in Mumbai. Our Mumbai office opened its doors in 2016 after we realised that having an owned presence in the region of our largest candidate pool made sense from a business perspective and a candidate care perspective.

Enriching our candidate pool

India has the highest international pass rate for membership examinations across the world. Remedium’s physical presence in India means we are part of our candidates’ career planning years before they embark on their journey to the NHS. Our team based in India forms relationships and provides tailored advice to our registered candidates, recruiting primarily international doctors to help them achieve their career aspirations in the NHS when this is their ambition. In turn, we can then pass over this brand loyalty to the NHS trusts we work with to provide candidates who are appropriately qualified for roles and fully prepared to move from one healthcare system to another.

A Global Presence

The benefits of being global as a business are multi-fold; having two offices means we can operate across two time zones and provide round-the-clock services to our clients and candidates. It also means double the global presence, giving us access to markets and candidate pools worldwide.

Unparalleled Onboarding Support

With candidate care being a cornerstone of our wraparound service, our Mumbai office serves as a base for our onboarding team. A dedicated team of full-time onboarding executives means the doctors we place have constant support throughout their relocation process. Our onboarding executives support with visas, flights, accommodation, and Certificates of Sponsorship and are a general support system for the administrative burden that comes with relocating to a different country. We are experts in the documentation and administrative processes involved in relocation, having supported over 3,500 clinicians make the move to the UK – meaning we are well equipped to answer any questions that may come up in what can be a long and sometimes confusing process. Our onboarding team is a massive part of why our candidate care is considered one of the best in the industry – and in 2021, these efforts were recognised when we won the Recruiter Award for Best Candidate Care.

Hosting the NHS in India

Our office in India allows us to hold mass international recruitment campaigns face-to-face with minimal risk for our clients. Our knowledge, network and physical presence in India has benefited many NHS health organisations via our International Project offering. When trusts have mass recruitment needs, the return on investment is even more significant when interviews and assessments can be completed in person.

London office for NHS clients

Our London office benefits from the in-depth knowledge of our candidate market from our presence in India. We have been able to translate this information into an award-winning business model with seven award-winning products and services for the benefit of the UK healthcare system, all specialising in international recruitment. Working in tandem with our colleagues in India, our London-based delivery specialists can work efficiently and continue to grow our business with the evolving requirements of the NHS.

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