Remedium Turns 10: 6 Indian Hospital Partnerships

Over our decade-long journey, we have cultivated 6 exclusive partnerships with hospitals based in India, allowing us access to a talented candidate pool, as well as helping us ensure we are practicing ethical recruitment. We are committed to our mission of solving the UK healthcare staffing crisis – but we are conscious of the impact international recruitment on the global healthcare system. Our international partnerships are key to ensuring our recruitment is truly ethical – read on to find out more.

Unlocking the Essence of Partnerships

We have seen the power of partnerships over the past 10 years, and our collaboration with Indian hospitals has helped us define the mechanics of ethical international medical recruitment. These partnerships serve as a bridge to connect talented international medical graduates who are interested in a career overseas with the vast opportunities the NHS offers.

Access to a New Talent Pool

Ethical recruitment is our top priority – this means we only recruit from countries with a high enough doctor-to-population ratio. This ratio has been achieved in India, meaning we can recruit doctors from the Indian medical system without detriment to the population’s health. Medical schools in India also follow a similar curriculum to what is required by Royal Colleges in the UK – meaning graduates from Indian medical training are well suited to the NHS system. Our partnerships provide us with an unparalleled gateway to tap into this vast pool of highly qualified, experienced clinicians across the country.

Knowledge Sharing

While medicine is a universal language, every health care system has its differences. Our approach to recruitment involves hosting NHS information seminars at various hospitals across the country and providing one-on-one consultation to doctors aspiring to move to the NHS. This knowledge sharing helps prepare candidates for life in the NHS, and can help them make informed and educated choices. We are also committed to ensuring our NHS clients have a deeper understanding of the experiences of their new hires – which is why we arrange visits to international hospitals during our international projects. We know that relationships lead to retention, so fostering a deeper understanding between clients and candidates is important to us to help ensure a smooth transition and healthy relationship.

Streamlined Recruitment

Our partnerships help us streamline the recruitment process, thereby allowing us access to a pre-vetted, talented pool of doctors who have received training in some of India’s most esteemed medical institutions. This not only expedites the recruitment timeline but also ensures the NHS receives not just qualified medical practitioners but individuals who are committed and dedicated to joining the service.

We have learned in our 10 years of medical recruitment that collaboration emerges as the cornerstone of any successful large-scale recruitment initiative. Our partnerships stand as a testament to our commitment to solving the UK’s healthcare staffing crisis with the recruitment of talented and qualified clinicians – while taking into consideration the needs of the healthcare services we recruit from.

A Pathway to Excellence

Remedium’s partnerships allow us to connect our NHS clients with talented international medical graduates who want to join the service. They help us to bridge geographical boundaries and connect individuals driven by a shared passion for healthcare. Through these partnerships, the NHS gains access to a larger pool of candidates, and international medical graduates are able to join the NHS and progress their careers – while the needs of the global healthcare system are taken into account.

Our Partnership vision is aligned with our overall business strategy, we believe that such collaborations can lead to enhanced results and can go a long way in attaining stability in the Industry. For the NHS, India is a promising avenue to access newer capabilities and Remedium plays a vital role here for being that connection. The integrity and trust with which Remedium operates makes us a preferred partner for many esteemed healthcare Institutions in India.






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