Remedium Solutions: Consulting NHS Trusts on Permanent Medical Recruitment

Remedium’s mission is to solve the NHS healthcare staffing crisis and we do this by building true partnerships with our clients.

Since 2013, Remedium have supported NHS Trusts to reduce excessive agency locum spend by championing the recruitment of permanent medical professionals. However, over time we have expanded our offering beyond traditional recruitment. We now provide services that truly meet the workforce needs of our clients.

It’s because of our ability to tailor our approach to the needs of our clients that we were recently announced as finalists for the prestigious HSJ Partnership Award for Staffing Solution of the Year 2022. We were nominated alongside the hardworking and dedicated recruitment team at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

Read on to find out why NHS Trusts like Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust partner with Remedium.

We are solutions-driven

With our many years of experience in recruiting domestic and international NHS doctors, Remedium are all too aware of the workforce challenges facing the UK healthcare sector. We recognise that an aging UK population, coupled with an increasing disease burden and uncertain funding means that the NHS is likely to face a future of ever-increasing demand for clinical staffing. That’s why, in addition to our traditional Remedium Recruit approach, we also provide consultancy expertise through Remedium Solutions. Through this service we build and implement bespoke recruitment strategies that allow our clients to prepare adequately for an uncertain future.

We know we’re supporting our NHS clients to address a complex and multifaceted problem. That’s why we focus on providing considered and cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific workforce needs of your Trust.

Many of our NHS Trust clients have told us that enlisting the support of a specialist consultant has been incredibly beneficial. Whether it’s keeping up with the demand on internal recruitment needs through administrative support for mass recruitment campaigns or strategic advisory to build out feasible and workforce recruitment and retention plans, Remedium Solutions can support healthcare organisations to achieve their recruitment goals.

We are committed to reducing NHS agency locum spend

Moving away from a reliance on agency locums is extremely important if we are to build a sustainable NHS workforce fit for the long-term future. Tackling unbudgeted spend is a real challenge for our partners in NHS medical staffing. Therefore, working with clients to reduce their unbudgeted spend supports healthcare organisations to provide a more efficient, sustainable workforce model which supports a better quality of patient care.

We have access to over 50,000 candidates

NHS Trusts are huge organisations with hundreds of moving parts, requiring thousands of staff from all different departments. It’s simply not possible or viable for Trusts to build and maintain specialist databases of qualified doctors who are open for work. Conversely, our database of doctors includes over 50,000 active candidates. All our candidates are kept warm by way of our comprehensive talent pooling system. Our database is segmented into different groups based on their postgraduate qualifications, specialty, and grade. We also tailor our communications according to the specific needs of these groups. This means our candidates are already warm, ready, and raring to go when we contact them about your permanent doctor vacancy.

We offer award-winning candidate relocation support

Adding substantive and fixed-term clinicians from overseas to the system is the only sustainable way to plug the NHS vacancy gap. However, international candidates often travel thousands of miles to reach the UK. This is not only in terms of physical distance.

At Remedium, we are known for supporting candidates through the administrative elements of moving to the UK. For instance, we are experts in the visa and COS process, and we can support doctors to find suitable accommodation and navigate banking. We have our own innovative digital relocation platform, Red Carpet. Red Carpet supports candidates with such tasks and also ensures that all client documentation is completed prior to a candidate’s first day on the job.

In addition to practical support, we also guide candidates with the less tangible elements of moving to a new country. For instance, we run regular networking events for our doctors. This is to help them make friends and join their new local community. This is why we were recently announced as finalists for this year’s HSJ Partnership Awards with NSFT and why we were awarded the 2021 Recruiter Award for Candidate Care.

We help NHS Trusts to improve their retention metrics

The NHS workforce crisis will not be solved by recruitment alone – permanent doctor recruitment from overseas will only plug the gap if those doctors stay in the system long-term. Therefore, we employ retention strategies at all stages of our recruitment process. For instance, we ran an international project with Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust for 12 doctors across multiple specialties in February 2019. Over two years since job commencement and our commitment to retention is evident in the results we achieved. 100 percent stayed the length of their initial contract, 60 percent have stayed longer than their initial contract and 40 percent have moved into further training within the NHS.

Additionally, our pioneering CPD-accredited communications course helps new arrivals to adapt to the NHS working culture and to life in the UK. Our candidates are therefore fully onboarded to work in your Trust and set up to integrate successfully into their new home from day one.

We can support you en masse with the hardest-to-fill roles

We support clients with UK doctor recruitment at all levels and this includes hard-to-fill specialties and skillsets. Consultant-level doctor shortages are causing multiple gaps at the top clinical level for many of our clients. Shortages at this level are detrimental to the clinical performance of NHS Trusts and must be filled as a matter of urgency. Therefore, in addition to market-mapping and traditional executive search services for substantive consultants, we also employ an innovative, project-based approach for mass consultant recruitment for NHS Trusts with multiple consultant gaps.

We offer end-to-end recruitment support

At Remedium, we offer our NHS clients a full turnkey recruitment solution. Whether you require a full outsourced recruitment solution which supports you to meet your current demand, or a strategic workforce analysis that helps you to plan ahead for your future gaps, Remedium Solutions can help.

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