Sourcing ‘Grade A Candidates’ – The Remedium Team have the Time, Scope and Expertise

As the NHS grapples with an imbalance between the increasing demand and lack of supply of doctors in the UK, it is crucial that Remedium’s approach to correct this insufficiency avoids any further burdens. To ensure this, the title ‘Grade A Candidate’ was coined where the specifications of what a ‘Grade A Candidate’ consists of differs for each speciality.

In alignment with using our niche approach in sourcing candidates (Figure One), our specialised recruiters have become accustomed to the process of pre-screening before sending CVs to Trusts. This stage therefore involves gaining a deep insight into whether the candidate has the necessary academic/ language qualifications, ensuring that they have no outstanding conditions (bad references and are unable to relocate) as well as confirming that they are committed to this potential journey. This allows our specialised recruiters to shortlist the highest scoring candidates and in turn, ‘Grade A Candidates’ are matched with ‘Grade A Clients’ (Figure Two).

Overall, Trusts benefit from:

  • The elimination of an overabundance of unsuitable candidate applications.
  • A shortened time-to-hire period.
  • A reduction in candidate drop-out rates once they have commenced their new job.

Niche Approach - Remedium's ModelFigure One: The Adoption of a Niche Approach

Grade A CandidatesFigure Two: Sourcing ‘Grade A Candidates’ for ‘Grade A Clients’

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