Setting up your mobile phone in the UK as an IMG

Setting up your mobile phone

As an International Medical Graduate (IMG) relocating to a new country, there are various things that will help you feel settled. One of the things that will help you feel connected to your friends and family is procuring a local sim card & setting up your UK phone number. Similar to most developed countries, the UK too hosts numerous mobile phone operators which provide great coverage.

Top mobile phone operators available in the UK

These operators can offer a range of great mobile package deals based on the usage and the budget you’ve got in mind. You can easily select one of the operators from the below list:









EE happens to be the largest telecom provider in the UK followed by O2, Vodafone & Three. Larger operators are always your best bet to enjoy seamless connectivity across the country.

How do you buy a mobile phone contract in the United Kingdom?

To get your phone number, there are usually two pathways that you can follow i.e. to get your phone number via Mobile contracts or Prepaid Sim card. The choice of selecting either of these is entirely yours, however, the below information might help you make a more informed decision.

If you choose a contract, calls, messages, & internet data work out cheaper. This is usually the best option for IMGs as it will help with long-term savings.

How do prepaid SIM cards work?

Prepaid SIM cards enable more freedom & flexibility than contracts but are slightly more expensive than contracts. With a prepaid SIM card, you will be able to call, message or use the internet. One of the benefits of using prepaid SIM cards is that they are quick & offer users more freedom if they don’t plan to stay in the UK for a long time. Buying a SIM card doesn’t involve signing up for a lengthy contract. You can top up your SIM card at your local convenience store, supermarket, or mobile phone shop.

As an IMG setting up your local SIM is crucial. You may opt for a prepaid SIM or a mobile contract. However, do check whether your phone is unlocked and if it is compatible with the local network. If your previous operator has a presence in the UK, it may be preferable to stick with them.

What documents do you need to set up a phone in the UK?

You won’t need to provide any documents if you’re buying a prepaid SIM card. However, if you decide to go for a contract, you will require the following documents:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of address in the UK (e.g., a utility bill)
  • UK bank account for payment

Certain operators may even decide on running a credit check before accepting your application for a mobile.

How can Remedium help you?

When we place doctors into roles within the NHS we help with every step of the process. As part of our recruitment and onboarding service, Remedium can assist you with setting up your phone and finding out the best mobile provider.

We understand that the process of relocating can be daunting, but we have supported thousands of doctors like you to make the move before. In addition to the tailored support, our award-winning digital relocation software, Red Carpet, will help relieve the burden. We’ll help you apply for your visa, secure flights and accommodation, set up a bank account, and much, much more.

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