A Guide to Socialising as an International Doctor

A career opportunity in a new country is exciting and promising. However, it also brings in the challenge of having to leave your existing life behind. You’re not only leaving behind your friends and family when you relocate but you end up letting go of the life you had along with fragments of all the good and the bad times you shared with those around you.

The UK is home to people from all over the globe. The diverse culture within the NHS could further help you interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. In this blog we have listed a couple of pointers that might help you manage the social aspect of being an international doctor in the UK.

Stay connected with friends & family

Working as an international doctor can be demanding and the long working hours can sometimes be emotionally exhausting. Keeping in touch with your family and friends will help to keep you motivated.

You can stay in touch with your family & friends back home via:
– Regular video calls & voice calls
– Sharing details about your life in the UK
– Communicating back home as frequently as possible
– Sharing pictures & videos of all the wonderful things you explore in the UK

Nurture friendships with your new NHS colleagues

You can socialise by planning or organising social events/outings with doctors from various teams within your hospital.

Socialising with your colleagues will:
– Make it easier to work in teams and reflect positively on patient care
– Make asking for help or advice easier
– Help you to meet new people who share the same interests (friends of friends)
– Provide you with ample emotional support

Investing in hobbies outside of work

Pursuing your hobbies will not only help you socialise with people who are not from the medical background but will help you have a life outside of work. Sometimes, being a doctor can become your whole identity but it’s always good to explore, and see what else life has to offer.

You can:
– Start working out at your nearest gym
– Join a book club
– Schedule sports with friends
– Attend concerts & events
– Participate in community gatherings(at your nearest place of worship)
– Take short trips around the UK with friends & family
– Go to the cinema and much more

Investing in any activity outside of work can help you build a support system of people.

Will Remedium help me to meet people in the UK?

At Remedium we host many networking events throughout the year for healthcare professionals. This gives doctors from around the world a chance to meet doctors who might be working in the same NHS hospital as them or in other NHS trusts around the UK. Keep an eye on our newsletters, social pages and also our events page on our website for more info.

Once you have accepted your job through Remedium, you will be assigned your own onboarding executive to help you with your accommodation, flights, visa applications, COS & much more. They will be there by your side as a friend and provide you with 24/7 support. Remedium’s award-winning software Red Carpet can help you find an accommodation nearest to your place worship and your community.


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