What International Nurses Day Means to Remedium

The 12th of May marked International Nurses Day, a day to recognise and celebrate the dedication and hard work of nurses around the globe. The 12th of May is also the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, commemorated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) following her contribution to the development of the nursing profession. The Royal College of Nurses (RCN) is also celebrating, and has asked its members, their colleagues, patients and the public to share a story about times when a nurse made a difference to them – here’s how we’re celebrating at Remedium.

Our Nurses. Our Future.

This year, the ICN’s theme is ‘Our Nurses. Our Future’ – a campaign focused on addressing global health challenges and improving health for all. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many lessons learnt by healthcare professionals as well as the general public, the ICN believe it is time to translate these learnings into actions of the future.

The nursing profession, and the practice of medicine more widely, has come a long way since Florence Nightingale began campaigning to improve health standards in the 1850s, but there is still a way to go. Disease has always been a catalyst for innovation in healthcare – for example, following the 1918 Flu pandemic researchers began studying the influenza disease more closely, identifying two types of flu viruses, and were able to grow larger quantities of the virus. They were eventually able to develop a mass vaccination programme against the flu that prevents thousands of deaths per year.

It is clear that we have a lot to learn from the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, which threw into light both the strengths and weaknesses of the NHS. The response from our carers was heroic – but the long hours, intense pressure, and lack of adequate staffing nurses faced throughout the pandemic clearly demonstrated the desperate need to fill the endemic vacancies the NHS has been grappling with since its inception.

Though carers faced increased pressure during the pandemic, the NHS held firm and our nurses provided outstanding care to patients, whether that be through delivering a world leading vaccination campaign, using technology to help families connect with patients in isolation wards, or delivering innovative care in the face of a novel and deadly disease. The NHS itself responded quickly and effectively, reorganising hospital features and redeploying staff – a feat only made possible by the highly trained and specialised staff it employs.

Now more than ever it is time to recognise our incredible healthcare providers.

The Difference You Make

This year, the RCN is asking members of the public to share stories of times where nurses have made a difference to them. Almost all of us have a story about a time a nurse made a difference to us – whether that be as a patient, family member, or friend.

Beyond caring for patients, nurses have significant impact on those around them. Our Commercial Director, Oliver Jansen, began a career in the NHS after seeing his mother work as nurse in the NHS throughout his upbringing. Oliver’s mother was involved in one of the first international recruitment projects for nurses in the early 2000’s. She returned having offered 30 individuals employment, supporting their ambition to work in the NHS and subsequently guiding them through their journeys. Many nurses who joined the NHS as a result of the trip continue to work in high level positions. Oliver’s mother ended her career as Deputy Chief of Nursing at London Northwest Healthcare, having demonstrated that international recruitment is key to the formation of a sustainable workforce – and having inspired Oliver to pursue a career in the healthcare sector.

At Remedium, we know the impact nurses have on patients and the community every day. We are in awe of their dedication, service and determination. We also know the NHS has vacancies across all specialties, which is why we are dedicated to solving the UK’s healthcare staffing crisis, improving conditions for healthcare professionals and ensuring patients have access to the highest standards of care.

If you want to find out more about international recruitment, or are a nurse looking to join the NHS, find out more here.

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