Meet our Associate Commercial Director: Oliver Jansen

In this article, we interview Remedium Associate Commercial Director, Oliver Jansen. Oliver tells us about his experience eradicating the recruitment inefficiencies in the NHS.

Tell us about your history working in the NHS

Hi, I’m Ollie Jansen, Associate Commercial Director at Remedium. I moved over from the NHS and now I’ve been working here for just over 2 years. Prior to starting here, I was working for eight to nine years in operational roles within the NHS managing the emergency services department, as well as; acute medicine, ENT, ophthalmology, theatres, and cancer services. I met David Green whilst doing international recruitment for my NHS Trust. I loved what we achieved at the time with Remedium, we built stability in our clinical rotas which improved the continuity of care we were able to provide for our patients. We also made some huge financial improvements and the performance against the national waiting times improved significantly. Working on this recruitment project, the trust and Remedium staff felt like we were collaborating to help solve the NHS staffing crisis. Everyone always joked at Remedium that I would work here one day and when I was given the opportunity to come, I was really delighted!

What is the difference between the recruitment team and consultancy team? 

Our recruitment team concentrates on the traditional transactional recruitment model and then my team concentrate on building out closer partnerships with our clients. We provide a range of products and services designed to deliver recruitment and consultancy services for our clients.

How has Remedium pivoted over the last few years to help the NHS staffing crisis?

Over the last couple of years, we have been building out verticals that are now becoming established under their own formal sub-brands. This is really exciting for us as a team. The Biggest one we are working on is Remedium Solutions. I love putting this together for our clients in the private sector and NHS. We can map out where the particular Trust might be lacking in their resources. Once we find out this key piece of information I can then map out resources from my team to help them achieve their goals. This is medium to long-term thinking and gets us to work towards a partnership model. We do more work with less clients as it’s all about partnerships and collaboration.

What is the Red Carpet platform and why is it unique to Remedium?

Red carpet is a digital platform which is completely unique to Remedium. It gives me a USP for our clients which is very rare in the recruitment industry. Other recruitment companies may claim their services are unique but it’s not always necessarily genuine.

We took what was a digital onboarding platform and worked with developers to make it a fully-fledged applicant tracking system. It’s a full turn-key digital solution for the recruitment process.

From Candidate to Remedium – Remedium to Client – Client to candidate

We can make a single journey perfect every time.

The clients we have been working with absolutely love the rich data they can get from this product. The clients love that there are 24/7 granular insights into their candidate’s process. They love that they can log in and that they feel totally assured every step of the way. They are also still able to drop us an email whenever they want to find out what’s going on. The proof is in the pudding as clients now come to us to see if they can pivot the platform towards other areas of their trust. Our aim is to continue to nurture our product and make it suitable for all our clients and candidates’ needs.

Why are you passionate about working for the NHS and solving the staffing crisis?

I came from the NHS and I’m truly passionate about preserving it and improving it. With a young daughter, I want the NHS and the services within the NHS to be there for her when she grows up.

Stepping into this role and joining Remedium meant I was given the time and space to grow some of the initiatives I had always wanted to accomplish. I worked as an Operations Manager in the NHS with not enough time and capacity to do the things I knew would help the NHS. For me, having come from that operational background, I always knew there were inefficiencies within the system that were absolutely solvable. I loved working with our NHS clients day by day to eradicate those inefficiencies and help trusts recruit more sustainably and deliver a better service. I’m also now able to provide them with staffing models that benefit individuals within the system. We are able to take away horrendous workload burdens from services that were completely dependent on agency locums or completely devoid of safe staffing levels. It feels amazing every time we get to these major checkpoints knowing that we’ve helped organisations get to that point.

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Oliver Jansen

Commercial Director

Oliver joined Remedium as commercial director after working his way through the ranks at the NHS. He began his career at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and climbed from grass-roots level through to operational management and beyond. He draws upon this experience to consult clients on how they too can achieve a strong foundation from a full clinical workforce, leading to more patient-centred care and improved operational performance.

Oliver heads up our Remedium Solutions team has a particular passion for technology and innovation in healthcare, which enabled his entry on to the prestigious NHS England Clinical Entrepreneurs Programme. Contact us today to benefit from the experience of our workforce consulting experts.

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