Top Ways to Celebrate Diwali in the UK

Diwali Celebrations UK

As yet another year is coming to an end, why not make the most of it by participating in as many joyous events as possible? Monday, 24th October, marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations in the UK.

Diwali, a festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, is characterised by trails of beautiful oil lamps and fireworks. It is one of India’s most important religious festivals and is celebrated worldwide by Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs.

Here’s how you can celebrate Diwali in the UK: 

 1. Winter Festival at Museum of the Home

East London’s, Museum of the Home winter festival spans over a period of three months and covers festivals like Diwali, Hanukah, Christmas, and Lunar new year. This year it will kickstart its Winter Festival with Diwali Celebrations starting Saturday, 22nd October. These festivities will go on for one week.

The Night Before Diwali, you can see how a South Asian family in London might prepare for Diwali. It’s a celestial experience. At the event, you can expect Bollywood dancing, vegan food banquet by Dabba Drop, and so much more.

 Where: Museum of the Home, Hoxton

 When: Saturday, 22nd October



2. Diwali Celebrations at the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is the world’s largest museum of its kind and is the perfect venue for BBC Asian Network presenter and comedian Parle Patel to host this year’s Diwali celebrations. At this event, you are likely to come across family workshops, live music, and dancing. The event will conclude with a lantern parade and light shows as the sun sets.

Where: National Maritime Museum, London

When: Saturday 22nd October


3. Southall Carnival of Lights

London Mela co-founders Ajay Chhabra and Julian Rudd have put together a night carnival to celebrate the festival of lights – Diwali. Southall, sometimes also known as “London’s little India,” is the perfect choice of venue for this carnival. This event will bring together various communities, both as audiences and performers. It will feature a procession in Southall Park, followed by over 120 illuminated paper lanterns made by 240 children from Southall primary schools and their families. 

 Where: Southall Park

 When: Monday 14th November 2022


4. Skylines Diwali Boat Party

Enjoy a fun evening on a cruise along the Thames, grooving to Bollywood and bhangra beats. The cruise will set sail from the Crown Pier near Temple station. DJs on this cruise will be interspersing the playlist with hip-hop, afrobeat, and much more. It is expected to be one of London’s liveliest Diwali celebrations of 2022.

Where: Crown Pier in London

When: Sunday, 23rd October 2022


5. Diwali Supper club at Kricket White City

Indian restaurant Kricket (White City branch) is putting together a Diwali supper club on the day of the festival. Kricket co-founder and head chef Will Bowlby will serve up a traditional vegetarian Thali to all diners. Tickets include a welcome drink, snacks, and thali, followed by traditional Indian sweets.

Where: Kricket, White City branch

When: Monday 24th October 2022 (6:15 pm or 8:15 pm)


6. Marble Hill, Diwali Celebrations

Nutkhut in partnership with English Heritage is hosting its Diwali celebrations at Marble Hill this year. The white-fronted Georgian mansion on the bank of the Thames will host a series of free workshops and tutorials for everyone. Among these will be an opportunity for you to create Diwali lanterns using Nutkhut’s wallpaper and silk patterns.

Where: Marble Hill

When: Saturday, 29th October 2022 


What are the Remedium team in London are doing to celebrate Diwali?

Ashly, our A&E divisional Manager at Remedium is organising a special party to celebrate Diwali. She is bringing in traditional Indian sweets for the team to try, she is putting together a music playlist and we will also be lighting sparklers in our office garden area.

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