International Recruitment at North London Mental Health Partnership

Psychiatry is the fastest growing specialty in the NHS, with recent data showing drastically increased demand on services following the Covid-19 pandemic, and an increasing vacancy rate in the specialty. We know that Trusts have traditionally struggled to recruit in this specialty due to a small candidate pool in the UK, and international recruitment remains especially important in this specialty as the population of the UK continues to grow and demand on services continues to increase.  

Given the increasing challenge of sourcing experienced clinicians within the UK, ethical recruitment through international projects continues to be the most effective means of addressing staffing shortages, both in terms of speed and scale.  

From London to Mumbai 

Last month, Remedium hosted a recruitment drive in Mumbai in partnership with North London Mental Health Partnership (NLMHP) to recruit for 8 vacancies across 3 subspecialty interest areas of Psychiatry. The Trust returned to London having secured 11 clinicians – exceeding their original goal of filling 8 vacancies – an outstanding outcome in a shortage occupation 

Recruiting at scale and pace, especially in Psychiatry, can be a significant challenge to Trusts who have limited access to qualified and experienced clinicians in the UK. Going on an international trip requires a lot of administration and planning and can be an intimidating task for organisations to take on without the support of a partner. Recruiting several clinicians at once can also pose a challenge to departments as each candidate requires support with relocation as well as onboarding – which is why we provide end-to-end support.  

‘In a specialism that is facing severe workforce pressures, it is great to see international recruitment in action. NLMHP returned to London with 11 Psychiatrists, having set out to recruit 8. We are delighted to have supported the Trust in their international recruitment journey, which is a testament to the power of international trips’.

David Green, CEO  




International Collaboration: Recruitment Done Ethically  

During the trip, Remedium and NLMHP had the opportunity to visit two of our partner hospitals, Medina and Sion. The visit allowed our clients to gain a deeper understanding of the Indian healthcare system and the day-to-day duties of psychiatrists working in the system. We believe in fostering a collaborative relationship with international hospitals and our partner Trusts. We know that international recruitment works best when there is a healthy relationship between our clients and their candidates, and facilitating hospital visits allows Trusts to gain a deeper understanding of their candidates, ultimately helping them to support their transition into the UK healthcare system.  

 We are dedicated to ethical international recruitment – and maintaining strong relationships with our international partner hospitals helps us ensure we are not recruiting clinicians from hospitals struggling with their own vacancies.  



‘International trips are a great opportunity for organisations to meet candidates at source, and begin developing a relationship with them before they land in the UK. We know that international recruitment is most successful when Trusts develop relationships with candidates, and face-to-face interviews are the best way to do this. Visiting hospitals in India also gives Trusts an understanding of the experiences of healthcare professionals in India, helping guide their onboarding and training once they land in the UK. We are proud of the results of the trip, and we look forward to continuing our support as candidates begin to arrive in the UK’. 

Sam Page, Senior Recruitment Consultant   

Are you looking to recruit international doctors in the UK? 

At Remedium, we take pride in our role as facilitators of ethical international recruitment. 

We know that international recruitment is key in developing and maintaining a robust and sustainable workforce. To date, we have placed more than 3,500 international doctors in the UK at more than 100 NHS Trusts. Our international presence means that we’re able to deliver award winning international recruitment, and support at every stage of the journey. To find out more, read our case studies or contact our client team to find out how we can help you to move towards a permanent international recruitment model. 


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