NHS Doctors Stories

We hear stories from Doctors across the globe about their journey to working in the NHS.

NHS Doctors

At Remedium we truly believe that Doctors are the backbone of UK healthcare. The doctors and physicians we find permanent homes for in the NHS are the drivers behind the diagnosis and treatment service users receive.

We also know that our doctors are more than walking lists of clinical skills. They are people, just like the patients they treat. Like all people, they have a story to tell.

Remedium have placed over 1800 doctors and clinicians in over 80 NHS trusts throughout the UK. Whether they’re already based in Britain, or relocating from abroad, we’ve been there every step of the way to ensure the journey from CV submission to first shift is as smooth as possible.

We pride ourselves on understanding our candidates as people as well as professionals. For our doctors Remedium are more than just an NHS recruitment consultancy. We’re a source of support, guidance, and advice that enables them to start and advance their NHS no matter where they’re based. See how we support your entire career journey.

Doctors in the NHS

There are over 122,446 doctors in the NHS. Last year saw an additional 6,030 enter the workforce, and the government recently introduced a new recruitment, support, and retention initiative to bolster those numbers further.

The NHS is one of the largest and first free healthcare providers in the world. It is a name recognised globally for being at the forefront of care provision and clinical practice. Doctors travel from across the planet to be part of this pioneering healthcare institution.

Britain’s national health service employs over 1,000,000 people. Doctors make up just over a tenth of this. However, without the specialist knowledge, training, and clinical skills their profession brings the NHS could not exist.

Doctors are the key ingredient in a health service renowned and respected the world over. At Remedium we recognise this and do everything we can to ensure that NHS doctors are recognised for the irreplaceable service they dedicate their lives to providing.

Find out all you need to know about how to get a job in the NHS in our guide.

Doctors Placed Through Remedium

Remedium first began partnering with NHS trusts in 2013. Since then, we have found over 1800 doctors and healthcare specialists permanent positions within the NHS. Our core values are aligned with both the NHS and healthcare professionals. For us, the NHS continuing to deliver high quality, world class care is of paramount importance. Our doctors share this vision, and we ensure we find them the best and most suitable permanent positions so they can do so.

We’ve placed specialists in over 30 medical disciplines. Over the last three years alone this has included:

We have placed doctors and clinicians from well over forty countries in hospitals and NHS trusts across the UK. These have been at all professional levels. During the 2018-2021 period we found permanent NHS workplaces for over 100 consultants, more than 600 middle-grade doctors, and approaching over 500 SHO’s.

No matter your location, specialism, or level of professional experience, the Remedium team are committed to finding you a permanent home in the UK’s NHS, one of the worlds leading national public health services. Register your CV with us today.

Our Doctors

Below are stories from some of the many doctors Remedium has found permanent placements in the NHS.

You’ll find tales of travelling to the UK for the first time, working for the NHS, and everything related to what it’s like to be on the frontlines of UK healthcare from the doctors that are already there. Remedium have been there at every stage of the journey for these doctors. We can be for you too!

  • Dr. Kheshwalla on relocating during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how the Remedium team helped to ensure lockdown didn’t cause unnecessary setbacks to his career in the NHS.
  • Dr. Fadhulallah on the emotional and wellbeing support he received from the Remedium team. The team went above and beyond to make sure the Sudanese A&E specialist had all the guidance and help he needed during a daunting but rewarding career move.

As part of International Womens Day, we spoke to some of the female doctors.

We hope these doctors’ stories prove useful if you’re working in the UK (or planning to in the future).

If you’re a doctor looking for your next permanent home, Remedium are here to help. that Remedium have placed.

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