Future Healthcare Journal calls for a national induction programme

Remedium welcomes the Future Healthcare Journal (FHJ) review on ‘Overseas Doctors of the NHS: migration, transition, challenges and towards resolution‘. Most notably, we are in total agreement with the authors’ view that there is a need for a national induction programme in order to overcome the challenges that overseas doctors might face when they take up their first job in the UK. For instance, the subtleties of the English language, subconscious to those who have grown up in the UK, may be unfamiliar to clinicians from overseas. The FHJ article sites a national induction programme as a potential forum to provide insights into such subtleties. We wholeheartedly concur.

At Remedium, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to international recruitment, and we have long recognised the importance of giving our clinicians the best possible induction into the NHS healthcare system and into the UK culture more generally. Until such a time that the NHS implements a national induction programme like that recommended by the FHJ, our well-established CPD accredited induction programme has been specifically designed to bridge the gap, proactively tackling the common challenges that may otherwise impede the successful integration of an overseas clinician into the NHS.

Our three-day, interactive communication and cultural integration course has been developed in partnership with medical communications experts and is the perfect induction for clinicians who are new to the NHS and UK culture. Informed by the experiences of our own clinicians and their recruiting trusts, who have helped us to develop and improve the content of our programme, we have found the course to be hugely beneficial in improving clinician retention and their overall career satisfaction and success.

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