The Re-Launch of Red Carpet by Remedium – An Interactive Digital Relocation Experience

How can Remedium assist healthcare professionals in their transition to the UK to ensure a quicker time to hire and the removal of administrative processes from NHS trusts?

Red Carpet by Remedium is a bespoke digital relocation platform, launched in 2013, which is tailored to the pain points experienced by both trusts and healthcare professionals. We are excited to re-launch the platform, which now not only offers informative support for healthcare professionals, but it also incorporates an interactive element to be used by trusts. It is a user-friendly interface that acts as a facilitator between the healthcare professional and the trust as well as Remedium and external relocation companies.

To reduce the time to hire, doctors and nurses are provided with bespoke on-boarding guidance on their entire relocation (Figure One) along with personalised time-bound actions. This process is further supported by Remedium’s on-boarding Executives who act as the safety net to ensure all actions on Red Carpet are completed on time.

The bespoke platform will enable trusts to:

  • Successfully track the on-boarding progression of all healthcare professionals in order to gain full oversight of their arrival date.
  • Collate all necessary on-boarding and pre-employment documents in the one place.
  • Ensure that all healthcare professionals arriving are culturally nurtured before entry. For example, our CPD Accredited Communications course, worth 25 CPD Credits, is now integrated into the platform. Healthcare professionals are required to complete this action point before arrival.
  • Gain feedback from healthcare professionals on their relocation experience through the Net Promoter Score function. Trusts can also tailor questions for feedback purposes.

These features, along with many more, will enable the Trust to oversee the entire relocation process whilst allowing Remedium’s digital relocation platform and On-Boarding Executives to manage it end to end.

If you would like to gain greater visibility of where doctors and nurses are during their journey, reduce the time to hire and dropout rates as well as maximising retention, please get in touch to book a demonstration. Let Red Carpet by Remedium manage the stresses and strains of the relocation process so you do not have to.

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