Red Carpet by Remedium: Digital Relocation Support

Red Carpet Relocation Support

Last week marked the relaunch of Remedium’s Red Carpet brand, but what is Red Carpet and how can it help your NHS Trust with relocation support for national and international healthcare candidates? Read on to find out more.

Introducing Red Carpet by Remedium

Red Carpet by Remedium is our multi award-winning digital relocation platform, which is available to candidates across iOS, Android and the web.

Our bespoke relocation technology is tailored according to the specific needs of your NHS Trust and automates the support that UK-based and international clinicians need to transition smoothly into a new UK city or town, both from a work and a personal perspective.

The Story of Red Carpet: Relocation Support at Every Step 

Our CEO, David Green, championed Red Carpet because he knew what it was like to move to a new city without someone by his side to offer support. At 21, he moved to Hong Kong with just the clothes on his back and the dream of forging a new career. There was no one there to meet him at the airport, to help him find accommodation or to offer him local guidance. He had to figure out everything for himself.

This is the reason we set up Red Carpet by Remedium. We think international NHS healthcare workers are heroes and we want to give them a first-class service when they first arrive here. Instead of feeling alone, our Red Carpet candidates are offered assistance with every aspect of the relocation process, from the initial interview to finding their dream job and settling into their new home.

Why invest in Red Carpet by Remedium?

  • – Deliver a first-class candidate experience with minimal effort
  • – Documentation completed correctly and speedily
  • – Clients free to prioritise other work
  • – Lowers time-to-hire
  • – Reduce candidate dropouts and improves retention


Organise Accommodation, Documentation and Banking Without Lifting a Finger

Red Carpet candidates have access to our rental hub which provides them with in depth knowledge on the UK rental market, tailored for your specific city or area, and contacts for relevant estate agents across the UK. Whether they are looking for short or long-term accommodation, they’ll quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, without the need for support from your busy recruitment team.

Through the platform, your international candidates will be guided through the visa and COS process and will be guided through finding and securing suitable accommodation and banking, rather than having them navigate these complex processes alone.

The technology also ensures that all client documentation is completed prior to a candidate’s first day on the job, offering them regular prompts to make sure it is done correctly and on time.

Candidates may even be eligible for our pay-later Red Carpet financing service, which can help them to pay their first month’s rent while waiting for their first pay check.

All this means that your candidates arrive in the UK quicker and are ready and waiting to begin their new roles.

Our Red Carpet Relocation Technology: Reducing Dropouts and Improving Candidate Retention

The retention of international healthcare professionals is so important for our clients, and for good reason. Doctors who can start work immediately and with their home life largely sorted are more likely to thrive in their new roles. However, achieving this involves a huge amount of administration, which is often costly and inefficient for NHS Trusts to do manually.

In the past, our clients tried to recruit internationally themselves, only to find that their new recruits would drop out the process or leave early due to a poor recruitment and onboarding experience. So, our Red Carpet technology ensures the long-term relocation success of their new international recruits by providing them with care and attention at every stage of the recruitment process.

“As a Trust we had previously been unable to consistently provide the level of wraparound support to our overseas medical recruits that we would have liked. Remedium’s Red Carpet package has been a fantastic tool for supporting the relocation of all our international candidates”

Ian Carr, Associate Director (Medical Directorate)

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Our unique digital platform provides candidates with useful and tailored information about you, your Trust and your local community so that they don’t have to come to you with questions.

It offers them support and guidance with every part of them relocation process, including finding suitable accommodation, navigating banking, discovering their local place of worship, organising schools and childcare for their family and so much more.

All of this leads to a reducing in dropouts and increased candidate retention for our NHS Trust clients.

NSFT: Laying out the Red Carpet for Nurses

Originally, Red Carpet’s technology was tailored for the specific relocation needs of international doctors. However, in partnership with Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), we further innovated our award-winning technology to meet the relocation requirements of overseas nurses too. Through using the adapted platform, NSFT onboarded a total of 26 nurses in just six months, with an average time-to-hire from offer to start of just two months. As part of this digital innovation, we developed a candidate referral module, which led to a further five nurses being referred; eradicating the need for agency involvement in candidate sourcing. This not only represents a significant cost saving, but candidates referred by friends are more likely to stay, further increasing retention. Furthermore, NSFT’s team had the huge administrative burden of supporting candidates to move to a new country removed, leaving them free to focus on more pressing recruitment and retention matters.

 “It was not until we had to work to bring these nurses to the UK without the support of an agency that we truly realised how much Remedium do to support our doctors with the transition. We have since been working with Remedium to support both our doctors and nurses to the UK and it has just been a wonderful experience.”

Helen Dove, Head of Workforce Resourcing and Information
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

In less than a year, Remedium have also won contracts to support a number of other NHS Trusts to improve the process of relocating their nurses from overseas using our adapted Red Carpet onboarding technology.

“They made me feel wanted and appreciated during a difficult time. I never imagined the transition to the UK would be so simple. I liked the Red Carpet interface. It was very user friendly.”

Sheeja Thankamoni
Registered Nurse, Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Give Your Candidates the Red Carpet Service

Our Red Carpet clients simply do not have the resource or capacity to manually provide candidates with the level of support and guidance required to ensure their relocation success. By working with Remedium, candidates have the stress and complexity of relocating from overseas removed which supports them to settle into their new roles more successfully.

If your NHS Trust is interested in reducing time-to-hire and dropout rates among candidates who are relocating to a new city or country, get in touch with Remedium today to find out how we can support you.

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