Guest Blog: Dr. Sajay Alias on relocating to Northern Ireland with Remedium

Relocating to a new country for work can be a daunting task. Starting at a new hospital, learning new processes, and meeting new people is daunting enough, but adding a whole new culture, a second language and an unfamiliar environment makes the change all the more intimidating. When I decided I wanted to move to the UK to work in the NHS, I wasn’t sure where to start. The administration and distance involved seemed overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure where to start with applying for roles or where to look for accommodation. I wanted to find out more about the healthcare system in the UK, and Northern Ireland, before I committed to moving. 

I reached out to Remedium for some advice on relocating, which Trusts offered training, and where to live. That was 12 months ago – and I am already 8 months into my new role in Northern Ireland as a Consultant Radiologist at Craigavon Hospital. Abdul and Remedium’s onboarding team secured interviews for me, prepared me for the questions they would ask, and supported me throughout my journey to Northern Ireland. They were in constant contact throughout the process, and they even stayed in touch once I had started work. The best part was how quickly I was able to make the move. The Remedium team were responsive and helpful throughout the whole process, which eased any anxieties I had about moving and made the process smoother.  

When I began my role, I relocated alone. This gave me time to make sure I had all of my documentation and accommodation in order and gave me some time to adjust to my new surroundings before my family arrived. Remedium also supported my relocation process, helping and ensuring their documentation was in order – taking a lot of administration off my plate while I was busy getting to grips with my new role and location.  

Since starting at Southern Health, I have specialised in urogenital radiology. The Trust has been supportive throughout this whole process, helping me choose my specialty and dividing work equally between the team. The first few weeks were challenging – moving hospitals always requires some adjustments, but moving to a completely different healthcare system meant that there was a lot to get used to.  

If I had any advice to give to other clinicians thinking of relocating, it would be to make sure you do your research! Knowing more about the area you are relocating to, what the Trust you will be working at is like takes a lot of uncertainty out of the process. Having an experienced agency to guide you through the whole process – from interview preparation to helping find accommodation and securing your visa – makes the process as stress-free as possible. I don’t think that I would have been able to find and secure a role, accommodation and make the move to the UK as quickly had I gone through this process alone. I would recommend Remedium to any clinicians who are interested in moving to the UK!  

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