Webinar: Prioritising Your Mental Health as an International Doctor

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week and our #HealingOurHealers campaign, we are excited to announce our guest webinar with Dr Caroline Walker!

Top tips for looking after your mental health as an international doctor

In this webinar, Dr. Caroline Walker will be sharing her top tips on how doctors can prioritise looking after their own mental health, whether you are already working in the NHS or just at the start of your journey. Caroline is the founder of The Joyful Doctor, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the mental health and work-life balance of doctors in the NHS, as well as a qualified Psychiatrist and Therapist.

Caroline started the Joyful Doctor after seeing her NHS colleagues under intense pressure, and since then she has been on a mission to help doctors take better care of themselves.

She will be sharing her wisdom and her top tips for reducing stress, burnout and anxiety while working in the high pressure healthcare industry.

This course is eligible for one hour of CPD.


Date: Monday 15th May 2023

Time: 19:30 – 20:30 (UK Time)

Location: Zoom joining link will be sent by email upon registration


In this webinar we will cover: 

  • The most common challenges facing international doctors today
  • Why putting your own wellbeing first will make you a better doctor
  • How to look after your own mental health and wellbeing as an international doctor working in the NHS

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    Headline Speakers

    Dr Caroline Walker – Founder of The Joyful Doctor

    Dr Walker is a psychiatrist, therapist, speaker, trainer and coach.

    She founded the Joyful Doctor after working in the NHS and seeing colleagues struggle with their mental health and work-life balance.

    She has now worked for 10 years to help doctors ’embrace life and take steps towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life and career’.

    We are looking forward to hearing Caroline’s advise on decreasing stress and embracing life!

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