Doctor’s Valentine’s Day Series: Part Two

Valentine's Day - wedding

On the 14th of February, the day of love, Valentine’s day is celebrated all around the world. This Valentine’s Day we created a series of interviews with Remedium doctors who have found love within the healthcare industry.

Over the years, Remedium have placed many doctors who are married to other doctors and we have found them both suitable roles either within the same hospital or at hospitals which are close to one another. As part of our Valentine’s day series, we interviewed Dr. Bhandari and Dr. Gupta, a wonderful couple from India who have been married for six years and who have been supported by Remedium’s recruitment team to both find work as doctors in the same hospital.

Although most healthcare in the UK is provided by the NHS, Remedium also work with a number of prestigious private hospitals. Our Remedium recruitment team supported Dr. Gupta and Dr. Bhandari to both find jobs in a UK private hospital as ICU Clinical Fellows.

Valentines day - wedding

How did you meet?

Dr. Gupta: We were studying together in a hospital in India. We then started dating and around ten months later we were engaged. It was quite a short courtship period. However, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. As we were from different parts of India, there were a few bumps in the road. I’m from North India, Delhi and he is from West India, Maharashtra. Initially, our families were hesitant as to whether it would work culturally. They were unsure whether the families would gel together. However, it all worked out and we’ve now been together six years.

What was the wedding like?

Dr. Gupta: We had two weddings so that we could do both our family traditional wedding rituals. One wedding was in Delhi for my family and friends and then we also had one in Maharashtra for his family and friends. Because of the climate in India, both the weddings were in banquet halls.

Are you looking forward to relocating to the UK and starting your new role in the UK healthcare sector?

Dr. Gupta: We moved to London around one week ago just before Valentine’s Day. The UK is a whole new environment for us but we’re slowly getting to know the big city. We will be working together in the same hospital and theatre department which I’m very excited about.

Did working with Remedium make it easier to relocate to the UK?

I would really like to thank our recruitment specialist, Arooj Farooq. She has been super helpful and on top of everything. She has made the process really easy for us. Arooj was there throughout every step of the journey. It’s been an amazing experience working with Remedium to find our new jobs in London. We’re very thankful.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to read more about how Remedium are supporting love in the NHS, check out part one of our Doctor’s Valentine’s Day Series.

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