Doctor’s Valentine’s Day Series: Celebrating Love in the NHS

Valentine's day wedding

On the 14th of February, the day of love, Valentine’s day is celebrated all around the world. This Valentine’s Day we created a series of interviews with doctors who have found love in their hospital workplace.

A lot of people meet their romantic partner at work and doctors are no different. Many physicians will often get into long-term relationships with other health professionals and this is for many reasons, such as a shared passion for healing the sick. Around 80% of clinicians are married, according to a recent online survey, and these doctors often marry other doctors or other health professionals. Over the years, Remedium have placed many doctors who are married to other doctors and we have found them both suitable roles either within the same hospital or at hospitals which are close to one another.

As part of our Valentine’s day series, we interviewed Dr. Lin and Dr. Naing who met whilst working as doctors in a hospital in Myanmar. They are both currently working in Singapore within a busy oncology department and are due to move to the UK in April. We are so happy that we were able to place Dr. Lin and Dr. Naing in the same department at the same hospital in the UK.

How did you meet?

Dr. Lin: Whilst I was working in my first post in a hospital in Myanmar, I met Dr. Naing. She was a senior to me, and I was working as her junior. After around two years, I started to fall in love with her. She then decided to move to Singapore, and I followed her a year later so we could continue our relationship. We have now been together for more than five years.

Have you got plans to get married?

We actually got married 3 days ago, one week before Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, our parents were not able to come to the wedding in Singapore. We had a reception here at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, with some of our colleagues and friends from the hospital. We hosted a Facebook live which was recorded by one of our friends so that our families in Myanmar were able to watch it. It was really special.

Dr Lin - wedding

Our Remedium Recruiter, Rebecca was invited to the wedding but unfortunately she couldn’t make it.

What made you want to move to the UK and work in an NHS Trust?

Dr. Naing: We have a few reasons for wanting to move to the UK.

  • In Singapore, foreigners are not able to become consultants and therefore we would have to stay as a registrar forever. We both want to do the consultant training course, such as CESR, while working in the NHS so that we can progress.
  • We are both really passionate about travelling and learning about different cultures around the world. Moving to the UK makes it much easier to do this. We’re excited to explore different places in the UK.

Why did you choose Remedium to support you to find a doctor job in the NHS?

Dr. Naing: We first heard about Remedium due to a Remedium seminar in Myanmar. We were then put in touch with Rebecca, who was our Remedium recruiter, she has been amazing. We know nothing about the UK, accommodation, the hospital, and Becky has been so helpful with everything. We really appreciate it.

Are you looking forward to starting your new roles within the NHS?

Dr. Lin: We’re really excited to get started! Thank you so much Remedium for placing us in the same hospital and department within the NHS.

Are you looking for a new role within the NHS?

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Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to read more about how Remedium are supporting love in the NHS, check out part two of our Doctors Valentine’s Day Series.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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