Doctor Testimonials: How Remedium supported ICU Clinical Fellow to Land Dream NHS Job

At Remedium, we support thousands of clinicians to make the move to the UK’s healthcare system. We are therefore proud to tell our doctor stories.
Watch the video below to see how we supported Dr B. Mallikarjuna at every step of the way to land his dream job within the NHS and to relocate to the UK.

How did Remedium support you with securing your dream job and moving to the UK?

I have been appointed as a specialist registrar in the department of critical care. So I have to thank Remedium company, especially my friend, Nimrit and Ujjaval, who had taken a pivotal role for me to get appointed over here. It was Mr. Nimrit who came up with the offer, which I was actually looking for, to work in any of the ICUs to get some experience in the UK. So it was him who actually came up with this offer. And I was very happy to take up their offer because it was what I’m one of the prestigious institutes for from all the universities in the UK. I should thank Nimrit for that who actually helped me like with the interview and after that, Mr. Ujjaval he was actually very helpful for me with all the things that could happen after that, like with visa or other things like booking an apartment or other requirements. So they all helped me, they all guided me. And they actually made it very easy for me to move to UK. So thank you guys, thank you Remedium and if I had to recommend you guys, these people are the best and you can trust them very easily. Thank you once again. Thank you.
We wish you a successful career within the NHS Dr Mallikarjuna!
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