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MRCEM OSCE Crash Course

An MRCEM OSCE crash course for all doctors appearing for part C exams this year

Ace your OSCE Exams with our Crash Course

The training faculty for this crash course consists of highly experienced and trained doctors who will help you ace your OSCE exams.

Course Highlights

1. Online training provided by expert faculty and subject matter experts

2. Approach all OSCE stations as per the RCEM curriculum

3. Two mock exams will be complimentary for every candidate

4. Dates and times: 17th & 18th October 2022 – 10am – 5pm (IST)

5. Course fee structure:

Discounted price for early birds: INR3999 per day

After October 5th: INR4499 per day


Please register to attend the MRCEM OSCE crash course using the following form. Upon registration, you will receive an email which will direct you to our payment facility.


You can learn more about our expert faculty below.

Meet our faculty:

Dr Tausif Thangalvadi


Medical Director and GM, Nura AI Health Screening Centre, Bangalore

Dr Reshma B Krishna

MRCEM (UK), Masters in Emergency Medicine (GWU-USA)
Specialist, Emergency Medicine, BMH Calicut

Dr Ajay Solomon

Masters in Emergency Medicine (GWU-USA)

Specialist, Emergency Medicine, BMH Calicut

Dr Arvind Gopal


Oxford University Hospital – John Radcliffe 

Dr Sana Samad


Specialist, Emergency Medicine, BMH Calicut

Dr Mohammed Razdan 


Specialist, Aster Mother Hospital 

“I am writing in support of Mr Dhillon.
We have developed a good working relationship since I first liaised with Remedium two years ago and with his help engaged some excellent international trainees to work with us, whom he has supported into post. He has also formalised a relationship with my Trusts procurement team that will facilitate further appointments in the future.
I look forward to continue to work with him and Remedium on the back of this into the future.”

Dr. Kayode Adeniji

ICM Faculty Tutor Academic Department of Critical Care - Portsmouth University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“Another agency got me a job that did not meet my ambitions and did not support my career progression. The work environment was also quite toxic and I felt trapped. I immediately discussed my ordeal with Marlon who clearly understood my frustrations. He sprang into action and found me a job that was tailored specifically to my needs. I'm currently working in my new hospital and I am at so much peace! The work environment is excellent, lots of support for career growth. I couldn’t pray for more. You guys rock!”

Dr. O. Oduneye

Paediatrician - Middle Grade

“I am really impressed with your support and care regarding my job here, especially during the testing times of the corona pandemic. I would recommend Remedium to whoever is interested in working in the NHS as a doctor.”

Dr. R. Purohit

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor - Middle Grade

“No words can express my gratitude to Mr. Marlon Algura and his fantastic team. They made the process easy and enjoyable. They are not only looking for a job for you but for the most suitable job for you and the best place for your family. I will recommend to anyone who is looking for a successful relocation to the UK.”

Dr. H. Elsayed

Paediatrician - Senior Clinical Fellow

“Meticulously professional is the phrase that comes to mind.”

Dr. P. Devapal

Paediatrician - SHO

“The teamwork in Remedium is really commendable and I will strongly recommend your organisation to anyone. I am so proud to be associated with your great team.”

Dr. L. A.


“Marlon and his entire team has been extremely polite and helpful in the process of helping me find a job in the UK. He is readily available to answer all your queries and tries his best to solve them.”

Dr. P. Saha

Paediatrician - SHO

“I would definitely recommend new doctors seeking to work and progress their career in the NHS to take advantage of Remedium's services and to make their life easy.”

Dr. A. Kumar

Emergency Medicine Doctor - Middle Grade

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