Top 5 Curry Restaurants in the UK

Indian Curry UK

The origin of Indian food in the UK dates back to the 19th century, making it one of the most popular cuisines in the country today. UK’s extensive range of excellent Indian restaurants is increasing by the year. On the occasion of national curry week, we have curated a list of 5 top-rated curry restaurants in the UK: 

1. Dishoom, (Multiple UK cities) 

Dishoom is a Bombay-inspired restaurant. It has a café vibe that will almost instantly make you feel at home. They are known for serving their Indian cuisines with a British twist. They have received countless amazing reviews from food critics from all over the country. Dishoom only takes reservations for groups of any size until 5.45 pm. After this time, It’s usually a walk-in-only policy. 

Top Tip: Arrive early to avoid long queues. It’s a very popular restaurant! 

Dishoom has 8 branches throughout the UK: 

· Kensington, London

· Covent Garden, London 

· Shoreditch, London

· Kings Cross, London 

· Carnaby, London

· Manchester

· Edinburgh

· Birmingham

2. Chennai Dosa

 An affordable Indian restaurant in the UK serving its customers South Indian cuisine since 2003. They are known across the country for their high-quality food and excellent service.

 They have 3 branches throughout the UK: 

· Wolverhampton 

· Coventry

· Birmingham

3. Asha’s Restaurants

Asha’s is yet another Michelin-listed Indian restaurant in Birmingham. Asha’s brings the finest Indian culinary traditions to the UK and is owned by none other than the renowned Indian playback singer Asha Bhosle. So what are you waiting for?

Add a little spice to your life and treat yourself to some of their fantastic, contemporary Indian dishes.  

Top Tip: Make a reservation in advance to avoid long queues!

4. Hoppers London (Multiple locations)

Hoppers London is another award-winning restaurant owned by the Sethi family. Hoppers serve its diners authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian dishes, including Hoppers, Dosas, Rice, Roast, Kothu & Arrack.

They have 3 branches throughout the UK: 

· Soho 

· Marylebone 

· King’s Cross


5. Prithvi Restaurant, Cheltenham

Launched in 2012 by Jay Rahman, Prithvi has won many awards & accolades since its successful launch. The word Prithvi means, “Earth or Mother Earth” in the ancient Sanskrit language. They provide their diners with an unforgettable experience of a delightfully authentic mix of natural flavors in all of their dishes.

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