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Remedium are multinational with teams working virtually around the world, including England, Scotland, India. We visited our Glasgow office to get to know Nimrit and Arooj a little better! In this article, we find out more about the Glasgow office, one of their favourite NHS doctor placements, and why they are passionate about working for the NHS.

What makes you passionate about working for the NHS?

Nimrit: Everyone in the UK is directly or indirectly involved with our NHS. We all know someone either working in the NHS or unfortunately had a loved one use the NHS. So to be involved and help staff our Health System is extremely humbling. The more trained healthcare professionals we have in the NHS will result in less waiting times and ultimately lead to better care. Knowing this does give me a sense of pride and makes me strive to work harder and harder each day.

What is unique about working with NHS Scotland?

Nimrit: Although the NHS as a national organisation is incredibly important to all of Britain, it has to adapt to meet the healthcare needs of each local community it serves. NHS Scotland is unique because health and social care is a devolved issue, meaning that it is better able to meet the needs of local Scottish communities. For instance, some of Scotland’s Health Boards encompass some of the most rural parts of the UK communities, which can make recruitment into those local hospitals challenging especially considering the current healthcare staffing crisis.

What NHS Doctor specialty do you specialise in?

Nimrit: At Remedium, each recruiter is an expert in their chosen specialty and mine is the Theatres division. This includes intensive care, anesthetics, and surgical. This also includes many subspecialties such as neurology, plastic, ENT, and the list goes on…We are working with both NHS and private clients. Most of our doctor vacancies are open to international doctors as well as UK doctors. Our clients all offer tier 2 sponsorship and relocation assistance which are amazing benefits!

What qualifications do I need to specialise as a doctor in Theatres?

Nimrit: There are different qualifications for each role:

  1. EDAIC– for anesthetics NHS doctors
  2. EDIC – for ICU NHS doctors
  3. MRCS – for surgeon NHS doctors

Once you have the relevant postgraduate and English language qualifications, you are ready to start your journey to come and work as a clinician in the UK. Register your details with us today if you have one of these qualifications and are interested in finding out more about working as a doctor in the NHS.

What’s the best thing about working at Remedium?

Arooj: I only started 6 months ago, and this is my first recruitment job but I’m progressing quickly, which is exciting. I get a lot of 1-1 attention and advice. We are also able to connect regularly with the company around the world with meetings and social events via teams. There’s always going to be a competitive side to people who work in recruitment. However, as well as competitive our team are really supportive. Everyone is willing to help each other, and it really feels like a close family.

Tell us an amazing story about one of the NHS doctors you relocated to the UK.

Nimrit: One of the stories that has stuck with me is about a doctor from India. I was fortunate enough to help this doctor relocate from India and find a job in an amazing NHS trust in the midlands. This doctor was single at the time. After I placed him in an NHS hospital, he met someone within the first week. A year later they decided to get married!! We stayed in touch and I was invited to their wedding, it was such an emotional day and being Punjabi myself, I was expecting an incredible party and I was right!

What has been your favourite Remedium social event?

Arooj: This has got to be my welcome drinks. It was a great night organised by our office team. However, the recruiters decided to target me with a prank. They told me I needed to sing for my initiation. Hmm, well I was very gullible and ended up singing “I will survive.” I’m very aware I don’t have the best singing voice, but it was a great way to break the ice and have a laugh on my first night out!

Whether you’re a candidate looking for a new role in the NHS or private sector, an NHS trust looking to fill your vacancies, or a recruiter looking for a new role, we’re happy to help! Get in touch now for more information.

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